Every year something is bound to go wrong during your holiday celebrations, but in the end, all we really care about is the food anyway. So let’s take a minute this year to celebrate 10 Thanksgiving moments that you can be thankful for this season. Instead of wallowing in your own problems, take a break and laugh at the embarrassing moments and mishaps of others and remember that someone else out there is always worse off than you.

1. “It’s Thanksgiving” video release.

You know about Rebecca Black, but you may not know about Nicole Westbrook. There are no words to adequately describe this music video, so just watch it for yourself.


2. Elan Gale’s Twitter fight with the woman in seat 7A.

There was a woman on his flight that was very unhappy about the delay and assumed she was the only one who wanted to get home for Thanksgiving. She thought wrong. Thankfully, Elan set her straight. For the rest of his glorious live tweets of the event, click here.


Courtesy of Elan Gale’s Twitter page.


Courtesy of Elan Gale’s Twitter page.


3. That time we learned how to properly eat Thanksgiving dinner.

4. The time Barney died in the Macy’s Day Parade.

Not sure if we should be happy or completely destroyed after this one.

5. Jimmy Fallon’s #ThanksgivingFail.

Seriously considering getting me some turkey trousers. Gobble gobble.

6. This Buzzfeed post about Thanksgiving cake fails. 


Via cakewrecks.com

Penis-shaped turkey cake anyone?

7. This.

8. Buzzfeed interviewing Brits about Thanksgiving. This is our holiday, people. 

9. San Diego Morning Show host attempting to blow a turkey call.

10. Scott McCreery’s Lip Syncing Macy’s Day Parade. 

Sorry, buddy.

Whenever you think your Thanksgiving is bad, always remember, it could be worse.

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