Every Tuesday, my two friends and I volunteer and as a treat, we get to choose what food to order for lunch. Oh, what a magical gift for a foodie like myself! Recently, we decided to snack on some pizza from Village Trattoria, nestled in the heart of the South Orange Village. On our second slices, it dawned on us: why not try the whole menu? So here I am, bringing you the TOP 10 slices of pizza from the Trat that are totally Pirate-approved:

1. Tex-Mex Pizza

This is the pizza of all pizzas. I really didn't plan on liking this slice when my friends told me they ordered it. I was picturing a taco pizza. BUT NO. This pizza combines all of the savory goodness of chicken cutlet, peppers, tomatoes, and an amazing ranch dressing drizzle. Banana peppers make this pizza so well-balanced in terms of flavor and acidity. Talk about a hidden gem!

2. Supreme

Classic pizza flavors make this slice, well, supreme! Pepperoni, sausage, onions, peppers, and mushrooms create a magic combination that has something for everyone.

3. Fried Calamari Pizza

Sounds weird, right? I had never heard of a fried calamari slice anywhere before, but it turns out that it's a major fan favorite at the Trat! The crispy calamari pairs perfectly with the sauce on the pizza, making this a unique, but solid, choice!

4. Godfather

If you are looking for classic pizza flavors, then look no further than the Godfather. This cinematic slice is the Trat's famous "Grandma" pizza with sausage, bacon, and pepperoni. Guys really go for this slice, so if you are looking for a pizza to buy your boyfriend, definitely give this one a try!

5. Barbecue Chicken

This slice may not look the prettiest to some, but what it lacks in beauty, it makes up for in killer flavor. This guilty pleasure combines the awesome flavors of barbecue sauce with some salty bacon and sharp cheddar cheese! It's a sweet and savory slice that you just can't skip.

6. Tortellini Alfredo

Talk about #CarbOverload. This slice is by far the richest and most delicious variety on the menu. But prepare to only be able to eat one slice and be stuffed! With ricotta-stuffed pasta and alfredo sauce topping this one off, be prepared to roll yourself out of the Village Trattoria... in a good way!

7. Drunken Grandma

An infamous Trat favorite! At Seton Hall, this is all the rage and I swear every upperclassmen told me that I had to try a slice. Topped with vodka sauce and fresh mozzarella, this slice has become a major staple for local students!

#SpoonTip: This slice is vegetarian, too!

8. Chicken Vodka

I really like that this slice has grilled chicken versus a breaded chicken cutlet. Also, vodka sauce takes pizza from zero to hero, as it still has the acidity from the tomato, but adds a nice richness from the heavy cream. If you're looking for something simple yet delicious, definitely go for this slice!

9. White Pizza

I think white pizza is so underrated. It is super cheesy and who doesn't LOVE cheese?! If you're looking for a sauce-free, garlicky slice then this one is for you. 

10.  Parmigiana (Chicken or Eggplant)

Ah yes, parmigiana. How could I find the words to express how much I love anything parmigiana? Eggplant is perfect if you are looking for a vegetarian option or if you're like me and just love fried eggplant. And chicken parm is such a classic, you can never go wrong! 

So now you've read it. The top 10 slices from the Trat. Bon Appetit!

Thanks to Brennen McAllister and Surya Makkar for coming on this pizza journey with me!