We've all been there, scrolling for what seems like hours through endless food accounts and drooling over their overloaded bagels and quadruple-scooped ice cream cones. But does the #foodporn ever get a little repetitive? If you're tired of that same picture of the ramen burger from that one place in NYC or the giant pizza with little mini pizzas on top, I've got the fix for you. Here's a countdown list of my 10 favorite creative foodstagrams that add their own unique twists to food photography that you need to be following!

10. Coffee Cups of the World

Although this first account doesn't technically post pictures of food, it's still worth following for its super cool pictures of different coffee cups from all over the world! Who knew you could enjoy your latte art while sipping out of an artsy cup. 

9. Chef Jacques La Merde

At first glance, this may just look like one of those super fancy chef accounts where they post pictures of their 3 Michelin star plates. When you take a closer look, though, you can see that Chef Jacques La Merde uses everyday snacks to make his artistic plates like the above combination of licorice, orange jello, cool-whip, banana nerds, and crushed up chocolate teddy grams. A way to appreciate a visual representation of #ballinonabudget. 

8. Girl Eat World

If you like @Foodintheair, then you'll love Melissa Hei's creative foodstagram. Inspired by her shyness in asking people to take pictures of her when she traveled alone, she decided to start sharing pictures of her food in front of scenic backgrounds and cool landmarks. She posts everything from a Hungarian cheese biscuit in front of the Danube River to Onde-Onde fried dough balls in front of Kampong Glam in Singapore. Her posts also include little historical fun facts, so you can learn at the same time you're drooling over food. 

7. Popeye the Foodie Dog

Food and a cute dog?? What else could you possibly need?! This LA pup is always looking cute in front of great food. He can style some spectacles and a sweater at a hipster cafe or a cowboy hat and vest sitting by a fried chicken sandwich. Now that's food and style inspiration for your feed. 

6. Ehgg

I know what you're thinking... Hermione Granger must be behind this photo chanting wingardium leviosa. While that would be pretty cool, it's actually Chris Liu, an engineer in NYC magically capturing these levitating dishes when he literally tosses them in the air. How many of them end up on the floor? I guess we'll never know...

5. Fricote Magazine

Art meets food in this french magazine account. The bright colors coming from these creative, abstract representations of food are sure to stand out when you scroll through your feed and even inspire your inner artist.

4. Taste of Streep

There's street food...and then there's Streep food. This account takes two things everyone loves: food and the fabulous Meryl Streep. I didn't know I needed photo-shopped images of Streep riding a baguette or laying on a giant plate of spaghetti this badly in my life.

3. Desserted In Paris

This Paris-based pastry chef doesn't mess around when it comes to fancy shoes (he has over 200 pairs!) and pretty desserts. Tal Spiegel's posts almost seem like they belong in a museum with too-beautiful-to-touch pastries and matching shoes varying between brands like Vans and Maison Galet. 

2. The Hungry Gentleman

If you still want the mouth-watering food, but are looking for a unique twist this is the account to follow. Also a shoe fanatic, Kevin Thai's creative foodstagram dissects the foods he eats by detailing each of its parts and ingredients, while also coupling it with his designer shoes. His bio says his account is "where Anthony Bourdain meets Kanye West" and I 100% agree. 

1. Symmetry Breakfast

Coming in at #1 is my favorite account: @symmetrybreakfast. Everyday, Michael Zee wakes up early and sometimes spends up to three hours preparing delicious, symmetrical breakfasts for him and his husband, Mark— talk about #relationshipgoals.  What I love about this account is how personal he makes it by posting instagram stories showing them enjoying the food and blasting some 90's pop hits.

One of these accounts is sure to mix up your instagram feed. Happy scrolling!