With new trends constantly popping up, we look to our social media to keep us entertained and constantly inspired. Instagram is one of the many platforms promoting current fads, such as food blogs, filling our feeds with the most delicious of unfamiliar cuisines. There are a million Instagram accounts out there, but here are 10 great foodstagram accounts to follow immediately, that will not only fill your feed with succulence, but also cure your visual appetite. 

1. New Fork City

Though it's no secret that New York is flooded with good eats, New Fork Instagram accounts showcases the innovative, up and coming foods of the Big Apple.

2. Girl Eat World

Traveling the world one delicious place at a time, this account is just a girl on worldly hunt for the globe's most mouthwatering meals.

3. Felicity Spector

Felicity Spector intertwines health with succulence and displays her creative tastebud and body friendly dishes on Instagram. 

4. Dad Beets

Family man and chief extraordinaire, Dad Beets whips up the best creations that even the pickiest of eaters will love. 

5. Culinary Bro Down 

Bruuhhh, you have got to check out this Insta page, man. So sick delicious, the gnarliest of dishes. 

6. My New Roots

My new roots truly takes it back to the roots with its down-to-earth recipes that will make you salivate.

7. Swag Food Philly

This account displays all the best that Philly has to offer. From their twist on a classic hot dog to their creative and off beat culinary adventures, Swag Food Philly does nothing but highlight the city's best.

8. Hungry Betches

Who the hell isn't a hungry betch?! This account will make you proud to have a huge mouth and and even bigger appetite, one that will be stimulated with every scroll.

9. Brunch Boys

What is more delicious than handsome men? That's right, brunch! Brunch boys brings the decadence of a delicious Sunday past time and merge it with the creativity of the modern culinary realm. 

10. Infatuation London

Infatuation London will have you longing for a trip across the pond just for a meal! This account shows not only the coolest looking restaurants, but the most delicious ones in all of London.

It is no lie that Instagram is flooding with savory food blogs, but these 10 foodstagram accounts will inspire you to travel and try new foods, places and experiences. So hit that follow button and chase your wildest, and most importantly, tastiest dreams.