Dean and Deluca is any foodie’s paradise. From fresh pastries to gourmet cheese, it’s hard not to drool over the window displays. Filling up your basket with goodies is a pretty easy and joyful task until you reach the register and the total pops up. Suddenly that warm French baguette and 8 dollar juice don’t look as good.

Fear not though, not everything at Dean and Deluca has to bankrupt you. Here’s your guide to eating fine and cheap.

Edamame ($3.25)

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Photo by Elyse Belarge

If you’re looking for the perfect side to compliment your meal or just a quick snack, edamame is a good pick. These little soybeans pack in a lot of flavor and are full of protein. They’re perfect to have on the go, or you can save them and create something bomb with them like this apple brown sugar edamame.

California Roll ($6.50)

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Photo by Rebecca Block

You might be called a basic bitch for picking up this classic sushi roll but that doesn’t make it taste any less delicious. Coming in at $6.50 for 9 pieces of sushi, you’re getting a steal compared to most sushi restaurants. If you’re feeling super healthy, grab it with brown rice instead of white.

#SpoonTip: Feeling spicy? Ask an employee to add a drizzle some spicy mayo on top of your California roll.

Cookies ($2.75)

#NationalChocolateChipCookieDay was practically made for DEAN & DELUCA. Stop by for a customer favorite.

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A cookie for 2.75 might seem a little steep at first… until you see the size of these things. Choose from triple chocolate, peanut butter, or chocolate chip topped with sea salt and you’ll have dessert for days.

Half A Chicken ($8)

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Photo by Helena Lin

Cooking meat can be a big hassle so grabbing some that’s already prepared is always a win. At Dean and Deluca, you can get either 1/2 a BBQ or herb chicken and you’ll have enough to make with meals for a day or two.

Greek Salad ($8)

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Photo by Piril Dobrucali

With most gourmet salads coming in around 12 bucks, this salad is a steal. It’s perfect to grab in a hurry because its already pre-packaged and ready to go. It’s also a great way to start eating a more Mediterranean-style diet, which has shown to be incredibly beneficial to your future health.

Wine Tasting (FREE)

Be sure to check out Dean and Deluca’s Instagram and website to see what events are going on at your local D&D. Sometimes there are wine tastings paired with different cheeses for you to try for free, or other sweepstakes going on to win gift cards and other goodies.

Lemon Bar ($3.25)

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Photo by Rachael Piorko

If you’re not into super rich desserts, lemon bars are the way to go. They’re the perfect ending to any meal without being overly sweet and leaving you feeling like you just gave yourself a cavity. These ones are big enough to share if you’re feeling extra generous or you can be indulgent and save it all for yourself (no shame).

Chai Latte ($4)

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Photo by Gabby Phi

This specialty drink may not be the cheapest drink, but you won’t regret this purchase. This drink tastes like the holidays in a cup and will have you singing Christmas tunes in July. Can’t have milk? No problem. At Dean and Deluca, you can substitute milk for almond or soy milk with no extra cost.

Asparagus (About $5/single serving)

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Photo by Angela Pizzimenti

If you opt to venture over to the hot food area, you’ll see prices sky rocket, but there are a few options that won’t set you back too much. If you want to make mom proud by eating something green, grabbing some asparagus is cheap and surprisingly yummy. Grab some extra and whip up these delicious asparagus fries.

Thai Spring Roll ($6)

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Photo by Jessica Chu

This light spring roll is the perfect thing to grab if you’re not that hungry or are in a hurry. Packed with veggies, you won’t feel too guilty about eating out… again.