To All The Boys I've Loved Before took over the internet, and by now, you've probably heard at least one girl say she needs a Peter Kavinsky in her life. If you haven't seen the viral film, it's about a high-schooler's love letters being sent out to all the boys she's had crushes on—a nightmare, I know. Each character in the story has his or her unique qualities, so here are your favorite To All The Boys You've Loved Before characters as foods.

Lara Jean Covey:

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

If you were told to pick from a table of chocolate cakes (which sounds like a dream), a chocolate molten lava cake wouldn’t stick out from the rest at first sight. It’s when your fork hits the surface of the cake and the gooey melted chocolate pours out that your mouth starts to water.

Lara Jean, similarly, goes unnoticed in high school and gives off the impression of being a simple girl, until her little sister breaks the surface by releasing her love letters. Lara Jean’s emotions start pouring out, just like the chocolate, and that's when the relationship with Peter Kavinsky begins.

Peter Kavinsky:

Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie

Everything about a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies—from the smell that takes over the entire house, to the mouth-watering browned edges and melted chocolate chips—makes them irresistible. And if you’ve watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, how can you resist Peter Kavinsky? His charm, looks, and thoughtfulness make you want to be around him and run into his arms, just like you want to run to the kitchen when the cookies are done.

Josh Sanderson:


Josh is the boy next door that your family gets used to having around. Lara Jean’s family loves Josh, even if his personality may not be as charming as Peter’s. Lara Jean tried to push Josh away, but in the end realized she needs his friendship and comfort. I’ve chosen rice as comparable to Josh because it’s a staple ingredient in most households, and although it can be bland, sometimes it’s exactly what you need.

Kitty Covey:

Sour Patch Kids

Kitty is Lara Jean’s feisty eleven-year-old little sister that speaks her mind. Even though she sent out Lara Jean's love letters without her permission, her heart was in the right place. Kitty thought sending the letters would help Lara Jean find someone to make her happy. So although Kitty’s words or actions may seem sour, her intentions are sweet—the choice of candy is pretty self explanatory.

Margot Covey:


Margot is strong, smart, and responsible. Her actions depend on what’s best for her long-term, even if that means breaking up with Josh and moving to Scotland for school. Spinach, although not your ideal snack, is full of nutrients that are extremely beneficial to your long-term health.


Sugar-Free Anything

Gen is Peter’s ex-girlfriend and from what we’ve seen, she loves to toy with both his and Lara Jean’s emotions. Her manipulative tendencies mirror that of sugar-free foods because they’re deceiving you into thinking they’re healthier. Although this may be disappointing, sugar-free foods are are loaded with artificial sweetener substitutes, which can be worse for your health. And I can't think of anything more artificial than Gen pretending to be nice to Lara Jean.


Loaded Nachos

Chris—a wild partier that goes to crazy rock concerts the night before an early school-trip—is Lara Jean's best friend. Loaded nachos sound wild in their name, but what’s more satisfying than a hot plate of cheesy nachos with extra guac after a night out?

So next time you watch To All The Boys I've Loved Before (probably for the third time)  be sure to have one of these snacks around.