This past weekend was the Fourth of July, in which most of us participated in by attending events, eating, and getting either tipsy or drunk; myself included. Anywho, nobody seems to be bringing the obnoxious weather to light, so I'll do just that by calling it out for getting in the way of allowing me to live my best life; especially when Tipsy Scoop's new pop-up is involved with everything. 

Explain yourself.

This past weekend, I ventured out into the devil's heatwave to check out Tipsy Scoop's new pop-up, which is located in Arlo's SoHo hotel in New York. However, I swear that I'm married to Tipsy Scoop, so I will do anything and everything for the love of my life, because love has you do crazy things. Right? Right. To provide you, the reader of this article with the tea on the pop-up,  here's what you need to know stat.

For starters, the pop-up is a collab between Tipsy Scoop and Muddling Memories. At the pop-up, Tipsy Scoop x Muddling Memories is serving up $5 scoops of Tipsy Scoop's boozy ice cream. The ice cream scoop flavors that are being served up include 'Tequila Mexican Hot Chocolate' which is v hot and makes me salivate, 'Vanilla Bean Bourbon' which is secretly the love of my life, 'Strawberry Rhubarb Bourbon' which speaks to me on an inner level, 'Spiked Hazelnut' which reminds me of how delicious hazelnut is, 'Rasberry Limoncello Sorbet' which has my mother's approval and ranking of 10/10 (she's a toughie and a self-proclaimed ice cream lover), and 'Spiked Mint Chip', which is the literal first flavor of Tipsy Scoop's ice cream that I've ever consumed. 

Also at the pop-up, a new line of $18 ice cream cocktails is being served up. There are five flavors to select from, which include 'Some Spike It Hot' which comes with tequila Mexican hot chocolate ice cream, a marshmallow, cocoa nibs, tequila, ancho reyes, cinnamon syrup, and a shot of tequila at the very bottom of the actual cocktail, and 'Floating Through Life' which is the child between vanilla bean and strawberry rhubarb ice cream with guest appearances from a shot of bourbon, elderflower, ginger beer and a singular vanilla meringue cookie. Then there's the popular 'Oh My Affogot Toh' which consists of spiked hazelnut coffee ice cream, cold brew liqueur, Averna Amaro, whipped cream, and a mini doughnut. The remaining two flavors include 'Enchanted Rose' aka my personal favorite, which includes raspberry limoncello sorbet, vodka, prosecco, mint, and black chia seeds; then there's the last cocktail flavor known as 'Young Grasshopper' which includes spiked mint chip ice cream, coconut liqueur, creme de cacao, and cookie dough from Dō. 

What else is there to know?

The last thing that you need to know is the actual location of Arlo SoHo where the pop-up is located because me just saying that it's housed in the courtyard of Arlo SoHo isn't helpful. The physical address of the pop-up is 231 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013. Also, major thanks to Morgan from Spoon Columbia for being my hand model for the photo above, as for it wouldn't have been possible without you.

While you may be like me and are avoiding the heat at all costs because of its bad behavior, running out to the pop-up that is the child of Tipsy Scoop and Muddling Memories is the best thing to do since there's nothing more beautiful than consuming boozy ice cream that's actually creamy and getting drunk.