Summertime; it might as well be synonymous with ice cream, and I know that I'll sure be eating a sh!t ton of ice cream this summer with all of my health woes. In terms of collabs, Tipsy Scoop and Truly Hard Seltzer have teamed up to bring you some ice-cream that's unforgettable. With that being said, here's what you need to know.

The deets

Photo Courtesy of Tipsy Scoop and Truly Hard Seltzer

The boozy ice cream comes from Tipsy Scoop, and it's made with Truly Lemonade Hard Seltzer. There are four flavors which include Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet, Original Lemonade Ice Cream, Black Cherry Lemonade Ice Cream, and Mango Lemonade Sorbet. The ice cream/sorbet pack and cans of Truly Lemonade Hard Seltzer (which I highly recommend) is available for purchase nationwide on for $60 or you can skip the seltzer and get just the pints for $48.

I'm not sure that there's a better way to cool off this summer than hard seltzer and spiked ice cream - it's already pretty hot here in New York, as for it reached over 90 degrees here yesterday. It's time to cool the eff off with the help of Tipsy Scoop and Truly Hard Seltzer, and we need their help stat.