Verb Energy Bars are the "wake me up before you go-go" bar - when you need that boost of energy but don't quite have the time for your coffee fix. Do not be fooled by this tiny bar - it has 65mg of caffeine inside, sourced from green tea. That's about the same amount of energy you would get from a shot of espresso, without the pending caffeine crash. It's not a figure of speech when I tell you that Verb Energy Bars are the best bars yet.

Ranging in countless flavors, from double chocolate to coconut chai to salted peanut butter, it's no wonder that these bars are selling like hotcakes. And their newest flavor, chocolate chip banana bread was so popular that it just became a part of the permanent line!

Sydney Barish

As a first-year college student, I am constantly running around from place to place and cannot seem to catch my breath. Free time to sit in a coffee shop and enjoy a latte? Don't know her. With this tiny bar in my backpack I do not have to worry about a spontaneous energy crash mid-afternoon. Isn't that bananas?

Made of wholesome ingredients like gluten-free oats, crisp brown rice, and freeze dried fruits, these bars pack a punch with sources of sustainable energy in conjunction with green tea extract. With one of these little bars in your clutches, there's nothing you can't brew.

Sydney Barish

The first flavor that I tried from the bunch was double chocolate. The deep flavor of dark chocolate paired well with the chewy texture of the oats and the small popping texture of the crispy rice. Additionally, I particularly enjoyed the coconut chai flavor. The dried coconut flavors provided a nuanced texture that paired well with the essence of spiced chai. 

I have gotten great pleasure from speaking to the Verb Energy team through email and text (yes, text-- they really know us Gen Z-ers) and I was able to get a link for any of you to try their sample kit at a discounted price. The starter kit includes a bag of 12 bars, along with 4 individual ones of other flavors from their vast selection. The chewy textures are pleasing to the palette and I guarantee that you'll love them a-latte!

Verb Energy Bars are certainly a crowd pleaser, and do the trick when coffee is not on hand. These bars have revolutionized the way that I energize. Not only is it sourced from clean ingredients, but it goes to show that food is pure fuel. With Verb Energy Bars, I'm working smarter, not harder, and I highly recommend that you give these bars a go.

Looking for another way to caffeinate? Iced coffee is my second line of attack. Some of my favorites are cold brew, with a sweetener and oat milk. It's creamy and sweet - what's not to love! And if you're not on the oat milk train, it's about time you hop on. You have no idea what you're missing. Cow's milk is a thing of the past. For some inspiration, see this article on how the make the best iced coffee.