TikTok is currently one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there. From humor to dancing to even cooking, users are able to share their content in seconds. Here are our top 6 TikTok food accounts you must check-out!


Eitan's food videos will light up your day with the high energy that he brings to every single one of his videos. Whether it is savory, sweet, or just a joke, Eitan has it all on his TikTok page.


Whether you want to bake a dessert, cook up a tasty entré, or try out his infamous homemade pasta recipe, Cornell college student Jeremy Scheck's TikTok is the place to look. His dishes are not only pleasing to the eye, but combined with his expertise in food science and passion for cooking, any dish of Jeremy's will for sure be a crowd-pleaser. 


Are you a college student looking for simple AND healthy recipes? In addition to her calm and soothing voice, TikTok's Halle Burns offers a variety of dorm-friendly treats that you can make in minutes.  


With charcuterie and cheese boards dominating social media at the moment, TikTok is the perfect place to get your fix on the popular trend. Marissa Mullen's account will provide you with the most aesthetically pleasing cheese platters for you to drool over through your phone screen.  


You can always count on Newt to bring humor into his recipes. From his infamous mid-cooking song breaks to even pulling ingredients out of his washing machine, Newt never fails to entertain his viewers while also sharing a great recipe.


We all know how pleasing smoothie bowls are to the eye. Twin Coast's TikTok account is the ultimate place to satisfy your smoothie cravings, even providing you with the tips and tricks on how to make these creations within the comfort of your own home.