When it comes to eating out, it is hard to choose between an absurd amount of restaurant options. You spend hours browsing through Yelp, TripAdvisor, Instagram, Wine&Dine, to end up choosing a restaurant based on unreliable ratings of people you don't even know. The new restaurant-rating app TidBit marks the end of those endless searches, by creating a personalized network of restaurant suggestions of people you trust. 

The Foodie Network

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Photo courtesy of @TidBit_social on Instagram

With TidBit, you decide which people you want to follow. You build your own foodie network with your closest friends, where you can see their restaurant recommendations to help you plan your next eating out experience.

The Ratings

meat, gastronomy, coffee, beer, pizza
Photo courtesy of @TidBit_social on Instagram

The overall rating is based on the food, ambiance, and service. The app shows you the menu of every restaurant, and you rate each plate from a score of 1 to 10. So, your friends' reviews tell you not only where to eat, but also what to order.

Your Taste Brand

beer, coffee, pizza
Photo courtesy of @TidBit_social on Instagram

By posting your own recommendations, you will slowly build a profile that will reflect your taste. Your friends may be able to follow your suggestions. Also, this is the best thing for dating. If you want to take someone out to eat, just look at their profile to choose the perfect restaurant based on the foods they really like.

Invitations (plus group chat)

You can invite a date or group of friends to eat in your favorite restaurant through Tidbit. The app creates a chat where the people invited can talk with each other about the event and details of the reservation.

The Wishlist

If a friend tries a restaurant that looks delicious, just add it to your wishlist. You can also look at your friends' wishlists to know where to invite them next.

With TidBit, social media and dining out are closer than ever. Say bye to annoying reviewers and bad recommendations of past restaurant-rating medias. Download the app here and let TidBit show you what your friends are eating, and have the best experience the next time you want to eat out.