Halloween has evolved tremendously within the past two decades, namely in the types of candies that are distributed. As someone who has missed only one year of trick-or-treating in her lifetime (yes, I went as a pumpkin baby), I've received a whole spectrum of '90s to new millennium-inspired candy.

Unfortunately, many of these are now under the radar, but they've remained among my greatest Halloween finds to date. You might reflect fondly upon these treats as well.

1. Gushers

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Kevin Rodriguez

If the shapes of these treats weren't intriguing enough, remember this: molten lava cake in fruit candy form. It really didn't get better than that.

2. Lemonheads

Growing up, this candy was the epitome of how you viewed your youngest sibling–sour with an unexpected kick of sweetness. If you were a lemon enthusiast who shied away from the actual fruit, this was the perfect treat for you.

3. Fruit Roll-Ups

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Kevin Rodriguez

You may have used these as fruit supplements at some point in time. If you were lucky, you even got your hands on the ones with cut-outs. Don't even get me started on how cool it was to make tongue tattoos out of all the different designs.

4. Pop Rocks

Danielle Weinstein

These things were the bomb, but only if you put them on your tongue first. Talk about explosive flavor.

5. Baby Bottle Pops

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Okay, this one's taking it way back to infancy.  But really, Baby Bottle Pops were the holy grail of all lollipops during my grade school days. The best part? Instead of dairy, they contained powdered sugar–loads and loads of it. 

6. Airheads

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Katie Zizmor

If you were like me, you only ate the ones in your favorite colors. But if you were among the daring, you took your chances with the white mystery-flavored one... and loved it.

7. Fruit by the Foot

candy, sweet, chocolate
Kevin Rodriguez

You definitely got the best deal of all if you received one of these–the average package contained a whopping three feet of fruity goodness. As a bonus, you were able to transfigure yourself into a snake and scare all your friends before the night was over.

So there you have it—seven throwback candies that make you wish you were a trick-or-treater once again. But hey, if you've never received any of these treats, don't fret. Just be thankful that you didn't ended up with a bag of rocks.