Let’s face it, its too hot for it to be fall. In Florida, we get maybe three or four days of a season change before its off with the scarves and on with the sunglasses. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the tastes of the October brisk air.

As a tea connoisseur myself, and working at a spice and tea shop, I have to say that even if it is too warm for hot tea, there are plenty of flavors that can be tasty iced.

Tea is the number one most consumed drink around the world apart from water. Tea is something to be enjoyed, a forced break from the chaos that is our day-to-day lives.

And as much as we don’t think about it, during fall we can easily whip up a nice iced cup of tea for anyone. The spiced flavors, festive fruits, and memorable vanilla and chocolate notes, anyone can find something to get them into the fall spirit.

Working at a tea shop, especially during fall in Florida, allows me to get first pick on new flavors and trends in the tea community, and really find out what flavors are TEA-rrific.

Cranberry Apple Tart:

Adelaide Green

Any tea with these fall fruits can be made into a delightful cup of memories of grandma’s house. As an herbal tea, you have no need to worry about caffeine, making it a great one for people of all ages. The tart cranberry and the sweet crisp flavor of apples really compliments each other. This fruity combination plays with cinnamon and cloves to open up a gateway for iced or hot.

For bonus points add a little cinnamon sugar and you have yourself sweet tea at any hour of the day.

Pumpkin Chai Latte:

Adelaide Green

Now it isn’t fall without pumpkin, and let’s be real, this is more then a craze -- it’s an expectation. With squash notes, and sweetened with cocoa undertones, this is something to post about on Instagram. The tea is traditionally a black tea base, so it is a great on-the-go morning cup.

Throw some cream and caramel syrup in with it and you are making magic.

Spiced Ruby Cider:

Adelaide Green

Cinnamon and citrus -- just one of those pairings that makes sense. The combination is naturally delicious iced, and having other fruits and spices such as apples and cloves makes a rich ruby color. This herbal is an instant classic to share around the table, having a good balance of strength and sweetness.

This juicy and spicy mix of fall flavors is perfect with apple cider added to it and bourbon to ease your way through a relaxing night.