Just when you'd thought you'd seen the latest, wackiest food trend on Instagram — think again. This woman, who goes by Bread Face, makes videos of herself nosediving into various bread products. Yeah, you read that correctly. 

Do people really watch this ish?

While this may seem absolutely crazy, she's amassed a following of more than 160,000 Instagram followers and more than 1,000 subscribers to her YouTube account. 

WTF (Why The Face?)

Bread Face says it herself in her Instagram bio. She's "giving the people something they didn't ask for." Ain't that the truth? But, the strangest thing is, these videos are actually wildly entertaining. 

And, if you get out of your head and think about it, I think it's totally possible that sticking your face in some freshly baked challah bread or angel food cake could feel like cloud nine or some kind of new innovative facial. Let's be honest, this isn't the weirdest thing the Internet has seen.

The #breadfacing movement

@breadfaceblog's videos are becoming more and more popular, as people randomly find themselves on her page. Sharing the videos with friends is a must (because I, for one, would definitely want all of my friends to see this).

But, people are also starting to get curious. Bread Face hashtags all of her videos on Instagram with #breadfacing, and if you do a little perusing, lots of people have started to try out this weird trend themselves. We may not be too far behind.

A worldwide phenomenomnomnom

Even though 160,000 followers may not seem like a lot (relatively speaking), some of her videos have been viewed almost six million times. I truly think the world might be starting to catch on to this crazy hobby.

Bread Face is also starting to sell merchandise, and people are actually buying stuff. It may not be too long until you see these hats (or bread facers themselves) walking down the streets of your hometown.