With so much on our plate, the last thing college students have the time (or money) for is a trip to the grocery store. Lucky for us, Greens to Grounds is here to save the day.

Greens to Grounds was founded back in the spring of 2014, by two students (shout out to Claire Councill and William Henagan) who were fed up with UVA’s minimal options for fresh, inexpensive produce.

Greens to Grounds became the solution to that problem. As a nonprofit organization, Greens to Grounds receives local produce from farms around the Charlottesville area and sells them to students without any price markup. This means you can finally enjoy fresh fruits and veggies without breaking the bank.

Greens to Grounds

Photo courtesy of Rory Finnegan

They’ve partnered with The Local Food Hub, another nonprofit organization that sources from over 70 small-scale, independent farms in the region. Even closer to home, they also use produce from community gardens on Grounds, like The Hereford Heritage Garden.

Here’s the breakdown: Greens to Grounds does all the work, and all you have to do is eat.

Choose your type of pre-determined box of goods on their website—from a smaller, no-hassle snack box to the big shebang (that includes meat, produce and all). Then you can pick up your box on Fridays between 1-3 pm in Mad Bowl. Or if you don’t even want to do that much work, you can get the goods delivered right to your door.

Greens to Grounds

Photo courtesy of Rory Finnegan

The produce they offer changes seasonally, so you can be sure everything you’re getting is fresh and in peak season.

Fresh, inexpensive and responsibly sourced…seriously, what’s not to love?

And who wouldn’t want to be a part of this awesomeness? Watch out for Greens to Grounds recruiting in the fall. You can contact Justin Grant, director of events, with any questions at jkg7vg@virginia.edu.

Long story short: next time you’re craving fresh fruits or veggies, check out Greens to Grounds. Seriously. Do it.

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