They say life is hard. They say that life is not all unicorns and rainbows. Life is all about the responsible choices, thinking about the futures, being serious about the money, blah blah bla. Fun, relaxation and self-care get misrepresented and counted as guilty pleasures. Optimism, excitement and child-like spirit, which makes our daily grid totally bearable, is often negatively associated with some silly pink fluffy dancing unicorns. You probably heard that a hundred times: "It makes me puke", or "I threw up in my mouth a little" all in the reference to cute cartoon animals and unicorns. What is my response to that?

Unicorns are fun, cute, sparkly... everything Kim K is not. They are legendary creatures from antiquity, rare and exotic. They possess magical power and they represent freedom, beauty, health and the endless flow of creativity and imagination. Admit that, we all need a little bit of that in our daily life.

The easiest way to bring the unicorn in your life is to have it on your mug. Not all foods should be unicorns, indeed. But the mug is perfect for this purpose. That way it inspires you every time to make yourself a hot beverage. Here is my pick of best unicorn mugs out there that will stimulate your imagination, boost your creativity and totally awe you.

Feel free to share it with a friend who is down or a little blue, it will totally cheer her up. Speaking from experience here.

For when you feel feisty and reckless  

For when you feel sweet and innocent

For when you just feel fabulous

For when you want to drop a few hints

For when you want to just unicorn-up your coffee mug

Keep calm and unicorn on!