If there are two words students love, they're free and food. 

Lucky for us, the Toronto-based Instagram @guesstoronto has found a way to incorporate the two. Not only does it post some delicious #foodporn, but it gives its followers the chance to win free food in the process.

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How It Began

GuessTO was started by two university graduates in Toronto as a fun way to promote restaurant brands and give away free food. As one of the creators puts it, "Our followers look forward to what new delicious item we will be giving away next, and the reactions of the winners are priceless!" 

Since its beginning, GuessTO has grown to have nearly 2,300 followers and recently spread to the West Coast with their Vancouver-based Instagram, @guessvancity.

How It Works

GuessTO makes it almost too easy to win free food. At least once a day, the Instagram posts a photo of a dish. It's up to the page's followers to comment the Instagram handle of the restaurant it came from and the name of a friend they want to share the prize with. Whoever gets it right is entered to win. In the past, the page has given away pizza, donuts, ice cream, and tons of other delicious treats.

Winners are contacted through Instagram at the end of the day, and can then pick up their prize by telling the store their Instagram handle. If you post an Instagram of your winnings, GuessTO might even repost it on their page.

How Queen's Students Can Win

Even though GuessTO usually posts food from restaurants in Toronto, they're throwing a giveaway today only just for Queen's students. It works like one of their normal promotions: guess the name of the Kingston restaurant that the #foodporn comes from, tag a friend, and wait to see if you've won.

This free food could be the perfect comfort meal during midterms, or a special surprise for the friend you win with. Head over to GuessTO's Instagram page and comment before time is up. Don't worry, you can thank us later.