Whenever a store opens that has a new perspective and different way of doing things, my interest is peaked. So when I caught word of a skincare store that uses clean, gut healthy ingredients as part of their treatments, I was ready to hear more. Lemon Laine is a store founded with the mission to make beauty care “personal, honest and fun.” 

Lemon Laine wants to provide personal skincare with a holistic, informed approach to natural beauty. They get to know you and your lifestyle, and blend essential oils right in front of you to make a custom skin care serum. They also carry a wide span of products, with anything from sunscreen to oat milk foundation. Sure, this might sound great, but where does the food come in?

How It Works

Lemon Laine likes to start by building a healthy gut, and move on to good skin from there. This is the part that caught my eye: fixing your gut health? For skin? Sure, I drink green tea because I heard somewhere that my skin would look better, and every time I eat way too much sugar in one sitting I brace myself for an inevitable breakout. But, beyond that, what can watching the foods that we eat do for our skin? Lemon Laine is paving the way in answering this question. What's more, there is scientific evidence that proves that improving your gut boosts overall well-being. Once you fix the core of your body's functioning system, everything from your skin to mental health can improve. 

The Products

Lemon Laine sells supplements in the form of pills and powders in their health section. When I visited the Nashville location, the "Gut Health" wall was stocked with interesting new ways of de-stressing, improving sleep, digestion... the works. This makes sense because they can show customers easy ways to include better minerals and vitamins in their daily routine. But, why not try to find ways I can get these on my weekly grocery run? Because let's be real, the only time I’m going to lay my hands on one of those fancy stress supplement brands is as a gift. After doing some research, I compiled a list of both the supplements Lemon Laine suggests as well as a simplified, low cost version for foods that will bring you similar, if not the same, effects.

What to Buy

Lemon Laine takes a great approach with these natural supplements, so if you want the easiest way to better health, the Lemon Laine list is the way to go. If you want to mix up your own weekly meal plan for more gut-healthy foods and products, go for the alternative list. Either way, you can't go wrong. The numbers in the second list correspond to the first, so you know what to buy for the same benefits as each product. For example, number 1 in the Grocery List includes items that will provide natural magnesium and stress relief. 

Lemon Laine Gut Health:

1. Magnesi-om, Berry Unstressing drink powder

2. Elderberry Rosehip Elixir

3. Probiotic Pearls

4. Matcha flavored Collagen Powders

6. Omega 3 supplements

Alternative Gut Healthy Grocery List for Good Skin: 

1. Ashwagandha, turmeric, cinnamon, and dark chocolate

2. Traditional Medicinals Elderberry Tea bags, or Whole Foods Immune Booster Refresher with Elderberry and Echinacea 

3. Homemade Yogurt

4. Citrus fruits, garlic, cashews

5. Avocados, nuts, seed

#spoontip: mix together turmeric with cinnamon, cocoa powder, and other flavors for an anti-inflammatory blend that goes great with coffee or smoothies. 

In the End, You Can't Go Wrong

All in all, both lists will no doubt boost your daily lifestyle. Little yet intentional changes can make a huge difference, and it's encouraging to see more storefronts open that are centered around this principle. Adding more natural healing ingredients in your routine will actually solve issues from the inside out. Lemon Laine has managed to remind people of that concept in a beautiful, yet simple way. Whether you're ready to spend your latest paycheck on a whole new regimen for your skin and body, or are just looking to change a few things in your pantry, these lists will help you get there.