It’s December, which means that it’s time to start making that list of things you want for the holidays. No matter what you celebrate, this Oreo Dunking Set better be at the top of that list. You can get it from Walmart, and it makes milk and cookies consumption just that much easier and more fun. 

What's in the Set?


Not only does the Dunking Set come with two milk mugs, two cookie holders and 13 Oreo cookies, but it also features these red cookie tongs, which you can use to pick up the Oreos and dunk them directly into the milk, ensuring that you enjoy your cookie with ease, no fingers involved. 

Why Buy a Dunking Set?

There’s no better combo than cookies and milk, and there’s no better way to eat Oreos than dunking them in milk. But, all my dunkers out there know that a struggle of getting your fingers too milky or keeping them dry, but not dunking enough of the cookie. With the Oreo Dunking Set, these struggles are no more. Yep, that's right. Say goodbye to having to choose between having milky fingers or eating dry Oreos. Those days are over.

Honestly, I can't picture anything better than sitting with your friends and family this holiday season, dunking and munching on Oreos and milk. Order it soon cause I have a feeling these are going to be in high demand.