It’s a hard life trying to make a flawless egg for your yolk-porn Instagram.

onion hack

GIF by Dylan Barth

Or maybe you just need the perfect eggwhite-to-eggyolk-to-avocadotoast-ratio in each and every bite. For whatever reason, your egg deserves to be in the shape of a circle. Use this onion hack to make sure your eggs are perfect every time.

Step 1: Take an onion ring, and place it in your pan.


Heat up the pan, slice the largest onion ring you possibly can, and drop the egg into the onion ring.

Step 2: Cook on low heat until it’s at your desired temperature. Then use a spatula to lift the egg out with the onion ring and place it on your plate or avocado toast.


Add to avocado toast, or just your plate and admire your creation. If you don’t like onions, you can also remove the ring and still have your perfect egg, fuss free.