The word 'Keurig' is often accompanied by the word 'expensive'. The Keurig alone can range anywhere from $80-$220, and then add the cost of K Cups, which range from about $10-$15 a box. While on a college budget, this is definitely something seen as unaffordable. 

A Keurig can be used for much more than just brewing coffee and it is definitely worth the cost because it is so versatile and easy to use. The K Cups on the other hand, get a little annoying because you need to continually purchase them. 

While purchasing my Keurig, my mother stumbled upon a nifty item that would come in handy: a reusable K Cup Filter. Priced as low as $9.35 for a package of THREE, you no longer need to purchase the expensive K Cups. 

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Timary Malley

What to do

Simply buy the ground coffee you fancy, or if you're into it use the coffee beans that you grind yourself. Add in a scoop of ground coffee to the filter and, just like a K Cup, place it into the Keurig. Then continue as though you would with a K Cup. Now you get to enjoy your cup of joe without worrying about breaking the bank!