When it comes to grocery shopping, I am a creature of habit. I always buy the same brand of non-dairy milk at the grocery store, despite passing by the saturated shelves full of dozens of alternatives. I've tried to branch out in the past, but I've been disappointed by the high amounts of sugar, lack of nutrients, or unpleasant aftertaste of many non-dairy milk alternatives. 

It takes a lot to get me to change my routine, but I recently discovered Suja’s Plant Protein Milks and they broke my rules. I recognized the brand from their juices, which I've always loved for being inexpensive and extremely fresh-tasting.

After giving Suja Plant Protein Milk a try, I know I won't be going back to the less nutritious and healthy alternative that I used to buy week after week. Now Suja is a new part of my weekly grocery shopping routine.

Suja's Story

You may already recognize Suja’s brand from their organic juice line. They are dedicated to crafting cold-pressed juices with organic ingredients in such a way that they are accessible to the every day grocery shopper. They are not a luxury item in terms of price, but the juices certainly tastes like it. This makes Suja a great option for young adults and college students on tight budgets who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

After Suja first introduced their flagship product of cold-pressed juices, their fame came quickly in the online healthy lifestyle community. They were named Forbes #2 Most Promising Company in 2015, which helped to catapult the launch of their other products. In the past few years, Suja has pushed the limits of innovation by launching over 250 products in order to stay up to date with trends and have a drink for literally every occasion. 

Suja’s Newest Non-dairy Milk Alternative

The most recent are their plant protein milks. According to Suja, "One increasingly important beverage trend is the dairy-alternatives category as people look for healthier, more sustainable ways to enjoy milk." Suja saw this as an opportunity to create a healthier plant-based milk than any others on the market, fit for any lifestyle and budget. 

Staying in line with their company goals of creating clean, functional, and affordable products, you’ll immediately recognize the new uncluttered and aesthetically-pleasing Suja labels in the non-dairy milk alternative section of your grocery store.

Not only are Suja’s plant protein milks obviously lactose-free, but they’re also nut-free, organic, and 100% vegan. They offer a hefty 8 grams of protein per serving, derived entirely from pea protein, sunflower seed butter, and flax seeds. They have more fiber, less sugar, and the same amount of calcium as cow’s milk. 

Original Plant Protein Milk

What struck me when I tried my first sip of their original flavor was the rich, luscious texture. It almost reminded me of the creaminess of eggnog or cream, but without the stomachache that comes along. This is a great non-dairy milk alternative for people with allergies to dairy, soy, nuts, and gluten.

I found this flavor to be just the perfect level of sweetness for my morning coffee. It also makes a rich and creamy base for overnight oats no matter what toppings you decide to add

Unsweetened Plant Protein Milk

This flavor, along with being dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, kosher, and vegan, also touts absolutely no artificial or naturally-derived flavoring agents and no added sugar. The rich, creamy texture will take your morning bowl of cereal to the next level. It’s also great for smoothies that already have sweet flavor from fruit, but need an extra boost of protein.

Now that you’ve heard a bit about Suja’s newest non-dairy milk alternative and how it instantly had me switching up my beloved grocery shopping routine, it’s about time for you to give it a try. You can find it on the shelves of your local grocery store where you usually find Suja juices, probiotic vinegar drinks, and kombuchas.

#SpoonTip: Huge shoutout to Suja for sending me free samples of their new plant protein milks to try. I absolutely love them and honestly plan on adding them to my weekly grocery list.