While sitting in the library neglecting all responsibility, I decide to open Instagram to catch up on all the new posts of the day from one of my favorite foodie accounts… because obviously the library is for everything but work.

While scrolling through the endless amounts of Nutella-filled pastries and cheese-covered dishes, I stumbled upon the mother of all desserts, the Mount Everest of mountains, the Beyonce of human beings, the Meredith Grey of doctors… you get the point.

I present to you the Chocolate Bomb (not really sure what the actual name of this magical creation is, but we’re gonna roll with this). While some might call it the Wonder Ball 2.0, I call it heaven.

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

To eat this dessert, a cup of of liquid gold chocolate is usually poured on top of a chocolate ball. At certain restaurants, they will even pour hot caramel or blazing liquor on top — they literally set the entire dessert on fire. It’s #lit. Watching the hot caramel melt away the chocolate shell is more satisfying than cutting into a perfectly poached egg. Yolk porn, step aside.

Bet you didn’t think it could get any better. As the hot chocolate begins to melt away the shell, it reveals a surprising treat on the inside.

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

What could possibly be inside you might ask? A brownie? Ice cream? The key to life’s happiness? The orb is usually filled with a brownie sundae, but sometimes features a macaron or chocolate-covered strawberry.

Oh, and one last thing: the dessert can also come in flower form. Enough said.

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

Want to make this dessert at home cause you’re #broke and not tryna spend money at a fancy restaurant? Check out this tie-dye version we made and try it at home.