If there’s one winner of Food Network Star that’s a household name, it’s Guy Fieri, hands down. His rapid rise in popularity may have something to do with his abnormally blonde, spiky hair, but he seems to be doing his job as the figurehead of Food Network quite well. He even has his own line of frozen foods and cutlery… like, what?

A video montage of the celebrity chef eating, set to the tune of Johnny Cash’s cover of the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt,” was recently posted on YouTube, and it’s already garnering over 100,000 views in less than a week and spreading rapidly over social media. Our favorite burly cook can be seen eating things from barbecue sauce straight from the bottle to sandwiches twice the size of his fist.

All video-induced hunger aside, you kinda have to give the man props for being able to eat so much. You might even shed a tear or two if you think about how his body is handling all that food and his monstrous appetite. Scary shit.