As someone who eats eggs on the daily, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this Fred & Friends egg corral on Katy Perry’s Instagram post. Now that I’m a proud owner of the “funny side up” corral, I can’t imagine my eggs in any shape besides an adorable kitten.


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Here’s how it started: half-kidding and half-serious, I tagged my boyfriend in the comment section of the photo and wrote “potential Christmas gift?” It turns out, he took my suggestion seriously and ordered it right away.


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So, I decided to test it out. I heated a greased pan and placed the corral on the heated pan with the protruding nose facing upwards. Then I cracked the egg and made sure that the two yolks fell into the eyeballs of the cat face, which was surprisingly easier than it sounds.


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I usually make eggs over-easy (cooked on both sides with a runny yolk), so I tried that when I used the corral.

#SpoonTip: Take its “funny side up” title seriously and actually make them sunny side up (NOT over-easy). When I made them over-easy, they totally lost their cat shape, which ruined all the fun.


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After experimenting with the best way to make sunny side-up eggs, I found it easiest to put the pan on low-medium heat, crack the eggs into the corral, and let it sit until the egg whites weren’t runny. After about 5 minutes, out came absolutely purrrfect eggs.

On the Fred & Friends website, you can find egg corrals in other shapes, such as a skull, owl and smiley face.

For those of you who are not exactly morning people, these fun egg corrals should make mornings just a little more bearable. Psst…they’re also dishwasher safe and can handle high temperatures. Add some sliced avocado and a cup of coffee and you’ll be sure to get hella Instagram likes. Now go hear your eggs roar.


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