The following speech by The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida does not take an aggressive approach to explaining why you should live a vegan lifestyle. The speaker, James Wildman, simply demonstrates facts that break down how our society views and consumes meat, dairy and eggs. Watch the video with an open mind and the way you see food will be forever changed.



Intrigued? Here are a few more resources to answer all your questions about becoming a vegan:

The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear

This is by far the most famous speech about veganism by one of the most well known vegan activists, Gary Yourofsky.


This amazing documentary deals with the issue of speciesism and explains a lot about the importance of ethical veganism.

Forks Over Knives

This documentary is the best one I’ve found at explaining the health aspect of veganism. It is clear, informative and features some of the world’s leading doctors who believe in the power of a plant-based diet.


This documentary was one of the first that I watched as a vegetarian and deals with the environmental aspect of animal agriculture. It’s the reason I went vegan—watch it!

Speciesism: The Movie

Super interesting and compelling.