Supermodels often live a very restricted life – early photo shoots, lots of workouts, limited diets, etc. Since their career relies on their good looks, all of this makes sense. Even with these restrictions, people are still envious of the way they look and wish they could be them.

I am quite the opposite. Sure, I love to eat healthy and know the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but having to worry so much about how I look and plan around that would stress me out. But, there is one model who seems to have the even balance of work and play that does make me envious, and that is Gigi Hadid.

The moment I fell in love with Hadid was when I saw the clip of her on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She had recently turned 21 and was invited to talk about how she celebrated. Before seeing this video, I knew nothing more about her other than that she was a killer good looking model, was a part of Taylor Swift’s Girl Squad and she is dating Zayn Malik (but let’s be real, if she can get Zayn, she must be great). Yet after watching this, I couldn’t help but feel like we’re friends.

In the clip, she talks with Fallon about how she didn’t drink on her 21st birthday and instead spent the day on the beach with her family (how cute is that?!) The following week she did take her right of passage to the adult world and went on a trip to Vegas.

The night before, Malik taught her how to play Black Jack in preparation. He must’ve been a pretty great teacher because she ended up winning $400 on a $15 table. When asked by Fallon if she had gotten gambling out of her system she responds by saying, “No, I’m just not going to go back to Vegas. I’ll just stick with Monopoly.” Yep… might just be my soul sister.

But, the greatest thing about Gigi that was discussed was her life motto, “Eat clean to stay fit, eat a burger to stay sane.” She’s been eating clean for her overall health and career, but also having burger adventures throughout New York City. Her best friend, who is unnamed, and her have decided to try a new burger every week in hopes of finding the best burger in NYC.

And she has done this for her entire first year in New York. She believes to have found the best burger at J.G. Melon and surprisingly enough, it is an extremely simple burger. It has the works – lettuce, onions, pickles, cheese – and Gigi requests it tomato-free. As her present, Fallon had two burgers from J.G. brought onto the show, just the way Gigi likes it.

And if you didn’t already love Gigi, watch the clip below to see why you should.