Ever since activist Paris Jackson decided to step into the spotlight, she's made a name of her own through her support to numerous causes, like the body-positive and nudity movements. She has also been known for promoting a more natural and animal cruelty-free lifestyle. So, if you want to start living a healthier and more natural lifestyle, you should give Paris Jackson's diet a try. 


Paris Jackson's breakfast is nothing but delicious. She likes to start the day with a Chai Latte and a healthy bite to eat. Some of her best-known plates include omeletsoatmeal, smoothiesgranola, and a lot of fruits

Also, don't think that eating healthy doesn't mean you can't balance your diet with the sweet stuff. If you are craving some pancakes with chocolate sauce, they are Paris-approved. 


Paris Jackson's diet looks just as healthy and organic for lunch as it does breakfast. She's been spotted eating kelp pad thai, avocado, salads, sandwiches, and, of course, more fruit. 

Looking for some desserts to top of your lunch? Do as Paris does and have a cookie, a slice of cake, or even some ice-cream— as long as they're organic or vegan. And don't forget some iced coffee to top off your lunch. 


If you're eager to mimic Paris Jackson's diet, your dinner plans are going to be natural, healthy and unbelievably tasty. Eat similarly to lunch, but switch it up a just a bit. Paris Jackson approves of asquash or pumpkin soup, or even a wrap with salad. Don't forget to compliment it with a healthy juice, aloe water, or a trendy glass of kombucha.


According to Paris, her full body workout includes "five minutes of upper body, five minutes of core, five minutes of lower body, and then a five minute break" — repeat three times. 

It's important to remember that working out should be a habit. "Don't skip more than two days or you'll lose what you earned," Paris advises.

Eating like Paris Jackson is not only possible, but healthy for you. This modern-day boho chick teaches us that eating cruelty-free is not only possible, but also extremely tasty. So, give Paris Jackson's diet a try and amaze yourself by the results you'll feel inside and outside.