We all know the benefits of drinking water (If you didn’t, then read this and this. Okay I will stop now). After doing a bit of research on the consequences of drinking too much of water, I found this. Typically I did not drink much water and after reading about people doing this challenge,  I decided to give 3 litres of water challenge a go go! 


The first few days were hard due to the constant need to go to the toilet and not seeing any visible change. Except for the fact that I felt full all the time that prevented me from binging on chocolates (I did not feel guilty with the leftover Lindt in my fridge). I must say that it felt a little uncomfortable feeling full all the time. I decided to give another week a try.

SCORE : 60/100 (Although it curbed my appetite, I did not like the constant toilet visits and the uneasy feeling of being full).


I started to notice a change in my skin. It seemed a lot clearer and I was way more energetic throughout the day. Visiting the toilet every hour became quite natural and I did not mind it. I did not feel the need to binge eat which also reduced my food intake. On to the next week I go!

SCORE: 80/100 (I did feel a lot better but I was starting to realise that I was not receiving enough nutrition in my body).


I must say that this was the time when my skin was the clearest it had been for years and I could not believe it. It was weird how my mood started to change. I'm not a morning person but I was so up for getting up to workout early morning. I was about to start work from the following week and I knew this was not going to be feasible while I am at work so I decided that this would be my final week to do this challenge.

SCORE: 97/100 (Loved my skin and my energetic morning self but keeping a count on my intake was tiring)

Final verdict 

Water definitely has its benefits but drinking too much of it may not be the best thing to do. One thing I have learned during this challenge is that you've got to listen to your body. We are all created differently and our body needs different things. Having 3 litres of water did help me have a peek at my clear and glowy skin and curbed my appetite but I think it's a bit challenging if it's done when you're on a busy schedule (think I'll stick to 2 litres). The level of activity definitely counts when considering the amount of water you should be drinking. When I took part in this challenge I binged on netflix, it was a lot more difficult but if you're active throughout the day, 3 litres may actually be your regular water intake. It is so important to understand your body. 

Note: This article is a good read if you want to know more about how much water you should be drinking.