OK, so the Oscars are happening, and that's great and all, but since the award show was so ~exciting~ last year, I fully expect there to be some raging drinking games this time around. Just one problem—the Oscars are on a Sunday, and none of us have time for Monday morning hangovers. (And I'm not 21 so I have never seen an alcohol before, don't worry Mom.)

I'm way more inclined to eating (especially sugar) than I am to indulge in any kind of frat basement sketchy drink. So I made an eating game to keep things interesting sans alcohol for this Sunday's Oscars. 

Here Are The Rules

Each time something happens, eat one of the foods I've listed. Pretty self-explanatory. I'd suggest preparing your snacks beforehand so you don't have to get up from the juicy drama to complete your game mission. If you'd like to replace the foods with drinks, be my guest—at your own risk, of course. 

Your shopping list: cheese puffs, ice cream, tortilla chips, guacamole or salsa, matcha, milk or dark chocolate, and cupcakes (make your own if you have the time!). 

Cheese puffs/chips/anything orange

Cheetos, snacks, junkfood
Isioma Oye-Onwuka

Whatever political views you may have, eat one of these any time someone mentions Trump. And apply this rule to politics in general, such as any time someone uses their speaking time for a political cause. Jokes made by Jimmy Kimmel about the White House also count. You know it's going to happen. 

Ice Cream (I'm looking at you, Halo Top)

tea, beer, sweet, milk
Meredith Davin

Take a bite (or two) of your favorite pint every time the music cuts off someone's speech. Two bites are required if the person continues speaking over the music as it just gets louder. If the camera starts panning away, take a bite of someone else's pint.

Chips and guacamole (or salsa, or queso)

guacamole, salsa, vegetable, herb, sauce, spinach
Chelsea Wu

Dip a chip into whatever chosen accompaniment you've selected every time someone cries. If there are actual visible tears, do it twice—or, if you have multiple dips, dip your chip into one of each. Make sure you have an extensive amount of chips at the ready, because I'm positive there will be waterfalls at some point in the night.


green tea, herb, tea, matcha
Sam Jesner

OK, this might be a little random in this plethora of snacks, but hear me out. Every time someone is caught on screen taking a selfie, nibble something with matcha in it. You could make matcha tea, or throw matcha powder into your favorite baked good or on your ice cream. I don't care what your vessel is, but you do get extra points for being ~extra~ millennial with your choices. 

Dark or milk chocolate

chocolate, coffee, candy, sweet, milk chocolate, milk
Christin Urso

Every time the Matt Damon/Jimmy Kimmel feud is mentioned, eat a piece of chocolate. Have some dark chocolate if you're on Damon's side, milk chocolate if you're pro-Kimmel. I'd like to say go and eat a whole chocolate bar, but we don't want anyone getting a sugar high just from the opening monologue.


butter, peanut, buttercream, peanut butter, chocolate, cupcake, cream
karina rao

Take a bite every time a film wins that you haven't actually seen. If you have seen a winner, finish the cupcake (because clearly, you deserve it). 

Admit it, I just made your Sunday night a lot more exciting. Get ready to take on the 2018 Academy Awards the right way, with snacks on snacks at the ready.