Waking up on a Sunday morning, especially after a night out, is rarely easy. Those fun, carefree times with friends have now come to an abrupt halt as you look at the pile of work you have to get to. But before you can get to work, you have to go to brunch. Do you want diner food? Bagels? Avocado toast? The choices are endless, especially in a culinary city like New Orleans. To make your decision easier, here's where you should go to Sunday brunch based on your morning mood.

Feeling Motivated? Try Cherry Espresso Bar.

Kate Parker

While this isn't a brunch place per se, they do serve a variety of breakfast and lunch items for a large part of the day, so I think it qualifies. It also happens to be one of the best places to get a fresh fruit smoothie and a seasonal quinoa breakfast bowl filled with grilled veggies. Because it also serves fantastic coffee and is a perfect ambient work environment, for y'all who are somehow motivated on a Sunday morning, this is the place to brunch.

Feeling Regretful? Try Surrey's Cafe and Juice Bar.

Rachel Weil

When looking for healthy food, NOLA brunch spots aren't always the easiest group to search within. However, with a combo of fresh fruit juices and healthy options (among a few unhealthy ones, of course), Surrey's is truly a gem. So, while you might regret certain choices you made last night, you won't have to do the same with your brunch. Try their variety of fresh pressed juices and their scrambled eggs with salmon– you'll thank me later. 

Feeling Frustrated? Try Bearcat.

Callie Carlson

Sunday morning can be frustrating for a variety of reasons, including settling on a brunch spot all your pals actually want to go to. Make choosing a restaurant one less thing to be frustrated about and visit Bearcat, where vegan, gluten-free, and paleo options abound in addition to more standard fare. Their seasonal veggie omelet with house potatoes should be enough to convince you. This also means that everyone, even your friends with dietary restrictions, can all enthusiastically agree on one restaurant.

Feeling Zen? Try Raw Republic.

Ellie Kincaid

If your primary mood is "zen" on a Sunday morning, first of all, I applaud you. Second, the most important thing is to keep that calm state going. This can easily be done by trying Raw Republic, which not only boasts a very aesthetically pleasing establishment, but also has an array of fresh fruit and veggie juices on their menu. As an açai enthusiast, I would also highly recommend their açai bowl.

Feeling Exhausted? Try Refuel Cafe.

Rachel Weil

The name, first of all, should make it obvious that this brunch spot is great for energizing purposes. Large portions of energy-fueling breakfast food is their specialty– the highlight being huge portions of grits with your choice of toppings, including eggs, cheese, and grilled veggies. That, plus a good cup of coffee, will definitely jumpstart your Sunday.

Feeling Stressed? Try Camellia Grill.

Rachel Weil

Camellia Grill is a New Orleans institution and is perfect for a greasy, hefty NOLA brunch. This is the perfect palace to ease your stress with large portions of delicious comfort food (grits and biscuits, for example) until you can actually get to your work later in the day. And while not necessarily a breakfast food, the fried mac and cheese bites are for sure a remedy for stress.

Just Feeling Like Death? Try Slim Goodies Diner.

Kate Parker

Look, the first thing I'll say is that I don't just pull out Slim Goodies for any random emotion. It's a remedy to the most foul of Sunday morning moods, and I firmly stand by the belief that their chocolate chip pancakes are enough to transform anyone's day. Even the vibe of the place is overwhelmingly friendly and positive, complementing their classic diner style breakfast choices perfectly. Whatever mood you're in, you won't regret this choice– I promise.

Hopefully this guide, while not a complete list of all the emotions you can feel on a Sunday morning, at least helps you find a NOLA brunch spot to suit your needs. Because, honestly, it's always important to start a new week with a great meal, no matter your mood.