Sometimes you think you know someone, and then you ask them what the grossest thing they’ve ever eaten is. Whether out of convenience, curiosity, or drunkenness, some of the foods that my fellow Hoyas have eaten are both undoubtedly disgusting and sometimes downright shocking. We get it, though – college is hard; sometimes you gotta eat some weird sh*t to survive. Check it out:

“During convocation, I was starving. Someone had a granola bar, so I started eating it, dropped it, and then kept eating it with pieces of gravel on it. Also, there was a dead mouse two feet away from where I dropped it.”

Georgetown Students

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“One time I had chips but no dip, so I literally ate them with greek yogurt from a Fage container and then ate the fruit separately… it was one of my lows.”

“Once I ate slimy carrots because I really wanted carrots but they had gone bad. I’ve also eaten food off the common room floor.”

“Once, my roommate made a smoothie with a kiwi without peeling it. There were brown hairy chunks in said smoothie.”

Georgetown Students

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“I added celery to make ‘ants on a log’ oatmeal. Thought it was creative. Just nasty. Sad face.”

“I was so drunk at a basketball game that when I ran out of fries, I started eating ketchup with my hands.”

“Once I ate the blue cheese leftover from Wingos… on pretzels.”

“Half-eaten Domino’s I found in a bathroom stall at Echostage. Don’t ask.”

“Freshman year was a ‘Jell-O shot’ that was actually a strawberry jello snack pack with Captain Morgan poured on top.”

“This spring, my roommate and I ate cold, leftover Pad Thai but we COVERED it in Parmesan cheese like it was spaghetti.”

Georgetown Students

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“I didn’t have salt and lime so I took a tequila shot with French fires and a candy peach ring.”

“Uncooked ramen.”

“Epi Quesadilla.”

“One time I was eating pretzels and Nutella for dinner and didn’t realize the pretzels were those honey-mustard flavored ones. It was nasty, but I still ate a few because I was hungry.”

Georgetown Students

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“Anything from Leo’s”

#SpoonTip: Get something delicious from Leo’s with these recipes.

“My friend ate a piece of chicken off the floor instead of hooking up with a guy at Foxfields.”

“An entire tray of Wingo’s fries”

“The first week of school, I pretty much just had cereal for dinner to be rebellious. I’ve settled down since those days.”

“I know someone who zambonied a milkshake off an Epi table at 3 am.”

“I put yogurt on top of a hot dog after a darty because I told my friends ‘I need both fruit and protein’.”

Georgetown Students

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“I was eating a fruit roll up at 2 am and my tooth fell out in it. Not exactly gross or weird, but definitely unfortunate”

“I ate a whole box of chocolate Teddy Grahams while simultaneously dipping each one in Sabra hummus.”

“On Georgetown Day, I went to Leo’s in the middle of the day because I was way too drunk to wait in line for any of the food trucks. I ended up eating a bagel with hummus and Nutella, then proceeded to drink an entire bottle of champagne.”

Georgetown Students

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Ya’ll are nasty, but I love ya anyways.