We live in a world of instant gratification, but bananas are something that we should be patient with. Most of the bananas straight from the grocery store are not ripe enough to eat right when you get home, and I will tell you why.

If you eat a banana that is not ripe enough, it can be very unpleasant. They are slimy and not as sweet as a ripe banana. Unripe bananas are starchy and can cause digestive issues. If you wait the correct amount of time for it to ripen, it will be sweet and delicious. If you are too impatient to let it occur naturally, here’s how to ripen a banana faster.

Green Does Not Mean Go

Banana is ripe

Photo by Abigail Wang

I am guilty of buying my bananas green because of how quickly they ripen, but it is not the best idea to eat the green bananas. Not only are they not as sweet, but they are also harder to digest.

If You’re Struggling to Peel it, Save it for Later

Banana is ripe

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As the banana ripens, the skin gets thinner. If you have to ask your stronger friend to peel the banana, it’s better to save it for later.

If There Are No Brown Spots, It’s Not Ready

Banana is ripe

Photo courtesy of dailyheathpost.com

A yellow banana may look good to go, but it does not achieve its maximum potential until it has some brown spots on it. The brown spots indicate that the sugar content has risen in the ripening process. If you accidentally wait too long and the banana becomes too brown, here’s how to use those overly ripe bananas.