If you’re in NYC on July 16th, be sure to catch Brainfood 2016, Spoon University’s 3rd annual conference, uniting all college students and young professionals with an overbearing love of food. This year, we’re hosting this epic event at the beautifully bougie venue that is 404.

You can expect endless food from kickass vendors like Tacombi, Dough, Wisefish Poké, Georgetown Cupcake, The Meatball Shop, and more (the list goes on and on). So, to further show you why you should buy your tickets now, I figured out how much money you’d be saving by eating all these yummy eats at Brainfood. 

Wisefish Poké: $10.95


Photo courtesy of wisefishpoke.com

We all know you wanna be #hip with the trends, so of course we’re providing you with the opportunity to indulge in the ever-so-trendy poké bowl.

Inday: $11


Photo courtesy of @indah_nyc on Instagram

With a slogan like “Good karma served daily,” how could you not want to eat here?

Tacombi: $3.95 a taco


Photo courtesy of tacombi.com

Tacos are love, tacos are life. And not to mention, Tacombi’s tacos happen to be some of the best tacos you’ll find.

Dig Inn: $10


Photo courtesy of @diginn on Instagram

These healthy eats will get your tummy talking words of joy.

Georgetown Cupcake: $3.25 each


Photo courtesy of Georgetown Cupcake on Facebook

I know you’ve seen them on DC Cupcakes and have also wanted to try them. Now’s your shot.

The Meatball Shop: $13


Photo courtesy of @ediblemoments on Instagram

Meatballs so good The Lady & The Tramp would approve.

Dough: $3 each


Photo courtesy of @doughdoughnuts on Instagram

Delicious and beautiful doughnuts for breakfast? Sign me up.

Fatty Sundays: $8


Photo courtesy of fattysundays.com

These treats are perfect for when you’re craving something sweet & salty. Plus, they’re nice to look at.

Spindrift: $36 for a 24 pack/$1.50 for one can


Photo courtesy of @spindriftfresh on Instagram

Spindrift is America’s first and only sparkling drink made with fresh-squeezed, real fruit. Lemme tell you, it’s perfection.

Juice Press: $11


Photo courtesy juicepress.com

There’s no denying everyone’s love for organic juices, but let it be known that they aren’t for the faint of heart. Just ask SpoonHQ.

Core: $18 for 12/$1.50 for one


Photo courtesy of @core_hydration on Instagram

Hydration is key, people.

Stumptown Coffee: $4


Photo courtesy of @ilsepapst on Instagram

Nothing screams adult more than moving from drinking milk out of a carton to drinking cold brew coffee out of a carton.

Nanoosh: $9


Photo courtesy of nanoosh.com

I’ll take hummus with a side of everything, please.

Oatmeals: $6.25


Photo courtesy of oatmealsny.com

Let’s just say Mama Bear and Papa Bear would approve.

So assuming you have one item from each vendor, you’d tally up a bill of $96.35. If you buy your ticket to Brainfood, you’ll only spend $50 to get all that food, plus you’ll be exposed to panels led by incredible speakers like the founders of Ice and Vice, Y7, and @foodbabynyc, along with food industry legends like Lisa Mann and Jonathan Waxman. These speakers will discuss topics covering food transparency & responsibility, social media and how it revolutionized the food industry, and health & mindfulness while eating, just to name a few.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, on top of all the amazing speakers, networking, and food you’ll be exposed to at Brainfood, once you buy your ticket, you’ll be invited to an exclusive, free kick-off party at the Institute of Culinary Education. Keep an eye out for an email that will give you all the dirty deets about the kick-off party that will take place the day before Brainfood on Friday, July 15th.

With about a 50% savings and a guaranteed amazing day filled with yummy eats, photo booths, and incredible learning opportunities, you really can’t go wrong.