How to make a picture-perfect pineapple bowl

I’m sure you’ve seen pineapples all over the place lately as such a popular fruit both to eat and decorate with. It’s on shirts, pillows, socks, underwear, you name it. It’s a tropical fruit with summer vibes flowing out of its stem: a tasty treat to enjoy by the pool, in a smoothie, or in seasonal salsa at Salsarita’s. Its natural sugars can satisfy your cravings for dessert while also providing antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to help you feel and stay as fresh as the fruit itself.

It was my goal this summer to take a whole one from the store and make one of my own pineapple bowls for a snack, so I made the most of it and did it on vacation. Here’s the how-to! It was even easier and turned out better than I expected.

Makenzie Jones

1. Cut it in half

At first I debated cutting it horizontally and making more of a cup or cutting it vertically to make a bowl, but I chose vertical. Either way works. Just make sure you use a strong enough knife to get through the peel and core.

Makenzie Jones

2. Take out the “guts”

This was probably the hardest part, but all you need is a fork and a knife, maybe a spoon. I traced around the outside first, then made smaller slices to make it easier to get out. Using the knife to cut and the fork to scrape, the inside came out pretty easily. Now you have the pineapple bowl itself.

Makenzie Jones

3. Fill it up

Choose whatever fillings you like! This bowl can be used to hold any meal or snack of the day. Try a fruit and yogurt parfait, salad, chicken and veggie dinner, or ice cream for dessert! My choice for the afternoon was some of the pineapple, mixed berries, yogurt, cereal, and coconut flakes on top.

Makenzie Jones

4. Enjoy! But wait, take a picture.

Last but not least, you must remember this monumental summer project!

Who said carving fruits was only for Jack-O-Lanterns on Halloween?