I grew up eating all kinds of breakfast cereals every single morning before school. If it exists, I ate it...and I thoroughly enjoyed it. No shame in my cereal game. Eggs and toast? No, thank you. I preferred giving my tongue the satisfaction of bite-sized squares slathered in cinnamon sugar with a nice bowl of chilly milk and starting my day that way. Childhood is a wonderful time, no doubt.

Although my large assortment of breakfast cereals was my pride and joy as a child, growing up meant I became more aware of what's actually found in them, nutrition-wise. Unfortunately, reality hit in middle school when I found out my daily bowls of rainbow loops, honey covered O's, and magical mini cinnamon french toasts were high in sugar, as well as low in fiber and protein. Of course, this never removed from their upmost deliciousness and palatability, and I continued having them in moderation. However, I definitely wanted to switch up my breakfast routine to one that nourished every single one of my cells and gave me more brain power, especially as I was growing.  

The One Where She Actually Switched Up Her Daily Meal

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Caroline Ingalls

Because at the time there weren't really any low-sugar cereal options that called my attention or gave me the gratification I so-much desired besides regular Cheerios, I learned to change up my breakfasts by including things like scrambled eggs, avocado toast, smoothies, and more. To the day, these foods still play their role in my daily routines, powering me up and delivering a ton of nutrients to my body. However, the search was forever on for a nutrient-dense cereal.

Fast-forward to earlier this year, when I was scouring the cereal isle just for fun and saw a big, yellow box of O's that I'd never seen before. Grabbing the box, I automatically turned to the nutrition facts panel to take a glance at that sugar and fiber content. It's safe to say my jaw dropped all the way to the shiny tile floor of the grocery store. 

Love Grown, Where Were You In Middle School?

This cereal had absolutely no added sugar, yet had four grams of fiber and six grams of protein. I was hyped. The brand, Love Grown, had made an extremely nutrient-dense cereal. But...who, what, where, when, how!? I was intrigued and definitely kept on reading. 

A simple look at the ingredients list told me the whole story. Guys, this cereal is made out of beans. Yes, actual beans, like garbanzos, lentils, and navy beans. No wonder this cereal is so great, I thought. Beans, those little bundles of fiber and plant-based protein, actually happen to be some of my favorite foods in the world; I literally can't go a day without having something dipped in hummus, and I eat lentils and rice like it's my job. Therefore, I knew at once I was taking this baby home with me!

Nutrition Powerhouse and Flavor Professional

Unlike most cereals found nowadays, the original flavor of Love Grown Power O's has absolutely no added sugar and a super simple ingredients list: bean blend (navy beans, lentils, garbanzo beans), brown rice, salt, vitamin E. I mean, can it get much better? A plant-based dream come true! Pure simplicity with the mix of awesome beans, which as mentioned, are nutritional powerhouses. Not only are they rich in fiber and protein, promoting digestive health and providing an extra protein boost that most cereals lack, but they are also high in many of the body's highly-loved minerals and vitamins, such as iron, copper, and folate. 

In terms of flavor...I drool just thinking about it. A bowl of this cereal mixed with chilly unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a hefty shake of cinnamon, and frozen wild blueberries makes the absolute dreamiest breakfast. The Chocolate or Strawberry Power O's are also pretty perfect. It is delectable, flavorful goodness that tastes nothing like beans, but everything like love and crunchy light. Yes, even the original unsweetened version is delicious (and my personal favorite!).

How to Make It Part of Your Daily Life

Lets face it; this cereal is so good, you're not going to want to go a single day without eating it! Besides the well-known way of eating it with your favorite milk in a bowl for breakfast (or lunch, dinner, or snack), you can also use it as a topper for your yogurt bowls, smoothies, oats, chia pudding, and pancakes for a nice, nutritious crunch. Obviously, and I totally recommend, they also are awesome straight out of the bag for an afternoon snack. What a great way to pack a whole lot of nourishment in your kiddos' breakfast, without sacrificing their blood sugar levels post-meal. I'd say this cereal is a win all around.

Find it in the cereal aisle of your local grocery store, or use their store locator to see where it's found near you. This brand also makes a delicious line of granolas, kids cereal, and hot cereal, so be sure to check those out as well.

All your cereal dreams are a reality. Thank me later!