Living in a huge food and drink city definitely has its perks: a new restaurant opening every week, big name festivals, and of course, happy hours in every nook and cranny. Despite all that Austin has to offer, one thing has always stopped me from fully enjoying the city: the Asian Glow. One drink is all it takes before my face turns tomato-red, my heartbeats pound against my body and my stomach starts to churn like butter.


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Not sure what I’m talking about? Approximately 70% of Asians and 15% of non-Asians experience Alcohol Flush Reaction due to a variant of an enzyme that causes the body to metabolize alcohol up to 100 times faster than the average person. Some people try to overcome the problem by taking antacids. However, this can be dangerous because antacids spike up blood alcohol levels, increasing the risk of alcohol poisoning.

But have no fear, my fellow Asian glowers, because Before Elixir is here to save the day! Before Elixir is a pre-gaming drink and mixer that works by slowing down the metabolism of alcohol and production of toxins in the liver that cause flushing. It boasts natural ingredients like pomegranate, B-vitamins and milk thistle, which detoxify and restore nutrients to the body.


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Jen Du first developed the concept during business school, but didn’t pursue the idea until after winning Lean Startup Machine in April 2012. After much researching and testing on friends and family, she looked to strangers for feedback at tasting parties in Austin, LA and San Francisco. Jen is currently based in Austin, so I had the chance to meet with her and try a sample. And let me tell y’all, this stuff works. After one drink, I was still slightly flushed, but my normal headache and increased heart rate were no where to be found.


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Jen hopes to eventually establish a whole line of natural “before products” to supplement the body before bed, before working out, and even before sex. But she needs your help in order to do that! The team has launched an Indiegogo campaign to get Before Elixir into bars and stores across the country. And Jen has even opted to give Spoon readers a special college discount. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to Before Elixir’s Campaign page
  2. Claim the 2-pack perk.
  3. Add $5 to your contribution.
  4. They’ll send you a 6-pack.

Three times the bottles for just $5 more?! It doesn’t get any better than that.

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