As a young kid, there was nothing I loved more than cooking with my grandma… specifically baking. I was fascinated by her collection of cookbooks and could only hope that one day my baking skills would be on her level. These experiences with my grandma constitute some of my fondest memories.

I cherish these moments with my grandma because this was our special “girl time.” While we were mixing cakes or shaping cookies, she told me some of her greatest stories.

From when she met my grandpa to embarrassing things my mom and uncles did as children, I savored them all. Although we may not bake together as much as we used to, I still consider my grandma one of my best friends, despite despite 60+ year age gap.

cooking with granny

Photo by Gillian Bayer

This nostalgia of cooking with grandma is a warm fuzzy feeling that many of us savor.  That is how Caroline Shin got the idea to start a YouTube channel called Cooking with Granny — an account that highlights grandmothers cooking some of the most special and traditional family dishes while telling fascinating stories.

The grannies featured in these videos are part of a wide range of unique cultures, and have plenty of stories to share. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorites:

Caroline’s Grandma’s Kimchi and Pork Belly

Kimchi has been a Korean classic for years and this granny cooks it like a pro. Pork belly is one of her specialties as well. Catch her inspiring story about escaping North Korea and coming to America.

Grandma Nina’s Stuffed Peppers

Grandma Nina’s stuffed peppers put others’ to shame. And the recipe? Her Cold War nuclear physicist husband’s mother taught her.

Grandma Maria’s Pernil

Pernil & Arroz con Gandules (or Pork and Rice with Pigeon Peas for all my gringos out there) is a staple dish for Puerto Ricans. This granny is tougher than you think — she once killed a chicken.

Grandma Barbara’s Octopus Stew

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this was her late husband’s favorite dish. This granny shows us how to make one of the most authentic Greek dishes with ease.

Grandma Sahni’s Mattar Paneer

Mattar Paneer is a classic dish made by Grandma Sahni’s. She makes this recipe about every 2-3 weeks for her 6 grandchildren and they absolutely love it (and science can prove why).

Grandma Louisa’s Hot Sauce

Grandma Louisa, who is from the Caribbean, has hot sauce in her bag in her bag, swag. Her backstory story is moving as well – she left an abusive husband to make money in the US and support her children.

Grandma Lumen’s Purple Yam Pudding

Also known as Ube Halaya, this iconic Filipino pudding is Grandma Lumen’s specialty. She grew up in the Philippines, but later came to the US and became a public school teacher in the Bronx.

I may only be 21, but when I’m a granny, I hope I have recipes and stories even as half as good as these ladies.