Once a month, all ladies will be riding the red wave, and suffering from bloating, cramps, breakouts, and mood swings. Sound fun? Obviously not. On top of this, us women tend to crave everything from chocolate to carbs. This dreadful few days is undoubtedly spent going from the bed, to the couch, to the fridge, and back. Honestly, periods suck, and there is only so much that Advil, Motrin, and heating pads can do. Most of the time you are left feeling like this:

The Bar

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Katie Schuster

Thankfully, I have some wonderful news. An exciting, new chocolate bar has been making headlines. This unreal bar of goodness, made by a Swedish chocolate company Chocolate With Love, is named "Frauenmond," which translates to "woman's moon," in English. Only issue: the bar is on the pricier side... $12.50 a bar might seem steep, but it's well worth the splurge for a delicious treat, that makes you less miserable.

The Science

What makes this bar so special is that it's blended with seventeen different herbs to ease your cramps. The combination of the various herbs help soothe your regular period pains. Don't worry, the taste of the herbs, collected from Swiss Alps, are masked by the cocoa, which is sixty percent of the whole bar. Reaching for this bar, rather than a regular chocolate bar, will make your period much more manageable. 

Yup. That's right. Now not only will your cramps be reduced, but your intense craving for something sweet will be satisfied as well. Make sure to pick up one of these bars (or a few) ASAP. No judgement if you accidentally inhale multiple of these. Check out Chocolate With Love's Facebook page for more info about these chocolate miracles.