As everyone's favorite mind-bending, time-warping, always slightly confused on what's happening comedy show is coming to a close, it's time to combine with the best meal of the day: breakfast! Can't tell if your immense stomachaches means that you're basically Chidi or if your sudden urge to throw a molotav cocktail sets you out as a Jason? Well, not to fear, because this breakfast quiz will determine who you are from The Good Place!

Now you just need to channel your inner '90's kid and remember what letter associates best with you, then go down to the bottom of the page and figure out who you truly are!


You're quite parched, how about something to drink?

A - Orange juice, please!

B- A cup of black coffee for me, thanks. 

C- I'm thinking chocolate milk today!

D-  I'm feeling cheery, pour me a glass of Mimosa!

Thirst quenched, let's choose a breakfast side to start!

A- I'll have a nice bowl of fruit medley. 

B- Mmmm, crispy bacoooooon is calling my name.

C- One big serving of tater tots, please!

D- I'll just have a slice of toast and jam!

Onto the main dish, what'll it be?

A- I'll have a big 'ol bowl of oatmeal.

B- I kinda want some lunch, so I'll just eat chicken and waffles.

C- Nothing better than a bowl of Fruit Loops!

D- I'm channeling my inner vegan, let's go for scrambled tofu.

Breakfast is over, but dessert is calling your name. What will fill your sweet tooth?

A- I'll have a slice of banana bread, please!

B- Just grab me the closest cheese danish you can find!

C- I'm feeling fun, I'll take a sprinkle donut!

D- A piece of coffee cake sounds good!

Let's see your results!

If you got mainly A's, then congrats, you are Chidi! It's time to make crazy indecisive decisions and go find yourself an Eleanor.

If you got mainly B's, then holy fork, you are Eleanor! I bid you good luck in every homemade margarita that you make and pray you never encounter a barrage of shopping carts.

If you got mainly C's, then bro, you're Jason. You are one tight dancer, though you need to work on your DJ-ing skills and GO JAGS!

If you got mainly D's, then you the only and only Tahani! Have fun name dropping and looking fabulous in every outfit (even if it's laundry day).

If you got a mixture of A's and B's then summon your inner demon, crumple it up, throw it away, and take it sleazy, cause you're Michael. Good luck trying to figure out humans; I sure can't.

Last but not least if you got a mixture of C's and D's, then you are a girl, not a girl, Janet! I'm sure it feels awesome knowing everything the universe, and now, you'll never lose your keys again.

I hope you enjoyed this breakfast quiz that determined what character from "The Good Place" you are! Though it is a little sad this multi-dimensional show is coming to an end, its comforting to know that it can be rewatched on Netflix, Hulu, or on the NBC website

Now it's time to return to The Judge's chambers and I'll see you in the Jeremy Bearimy.