In 2011, the FDA approved the most counterintuitive sweat treatment known to man: a microwave gun called miraDry. The device uses the same technology that college kids rely on to cook their meals (AKA microwaves) to kill the sweat glands lying below the armpit skin and has served as an alternative treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive armpit sweat).


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Due to its expense, the possible risk of increased sweat in other areas, and the fact that it does not entirely eliminate sweat, miraDry hasn’t gained too much traction. But science recently stepped up its game when Miramar Labs launched miraSmooth, miraDry’s overachieving cousin that also kills hair follicles in order to eliminate underarm hair.

The hour-long non-invasive procedure involves sitting patiently while an approved physician runs a handheld device over your armpit. The device simultaneously emits microwave waves while cooling the outer layer of the skin to prevent burns.


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This single treatment supposedly reduces underarm sweat, and unlike lasers, which only target the darkest and coarsest hairs, it permanently removes hair of any color. So unless you take after Miley and exercise your right not to shave, miraSmooth may seem like the perfect solution to all your pit problems (and it’s pretty likely that there’s a physician in your area who can perform the procedure).


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But don’t throw away all of your razors and deodorant just yet. Although some swelling and pain are to be expected both during and immediately after the procedure, these side effects can be especially awful for some people, and just one treatment could cost you between $1,200 to $2,000, depending on where you get it done.

Also, since the FDA has currently only approved miraSmooth for use on armpits, it can’t even be used to eliminate other kinds of hair or uncomfortable sweat. So unless you’re looking for extra smooth underarms or sweat more than the average Joe, miraSmooth probably isn’t worth the time and money.