There are a few quintessential times in life where the feelings of mastering the human condition and achieving true happiness seem to collide. Your wedding day, the day your first child is born, and falling in love for the first time may come to mind for some. These are all fair assumptions, but wrong.

You have not truly experienced pure joy or success until you've miraculously navigated your entire squad back to your apartment to fall asleep while noshing on slightly burnt cheese at 2 am.

Or when you and your study abroad travel buddy first-hand experience human evolution while sipping red wine in a hostel and realize you're actually enjoying it instead of chugging warm beer.

OR when you take charge asking for the "aux cord" in an Uber and select the perfect jam to get your crew going.

In these times of human triumph, victory is yours, but #winning is only cool if you can brag about it and share that moment with the badass people around you. Unfortunately most of us don't live with our BFFs and significant others, so we have to find another way to humble brag.

That's why we're obsessed with Airtime. It's a face chat app that lets you video chat up to 10 people at once. Save the eye rolling for someone else because it's not like every other chat app you currently use.

It's a lot more like live-streaming your life compared to a standard video call. So, when you're feeling a little lonely making dinner solo, go "live" and bring your homies right into your kitchen. Same goes for if you're studying abroad and want introduce your friend stuck in the States to the guy who makes your nightly shawarma. Can you say, "We're the three best friends that anybody could have?"

In Airtime, you can also create different groups, like "Home Friends" and "College Friends" 'cause church and state still exist for some us. And our favorite feature is that you can send a signal out when you need some attention. #noshame

Plus, you can share so much more than just your face or best food photos. It also allows GIFs, YouTube videos and tracks on Spotify to be shared.

The next time you're eating an epic meal abroad or suffering a slow painful hangover, download Airtime and invite your homies who won't judge you for your public selfies or irresponsible decisions. We'll be waiting for the follow request. 

This post is sponsored by the cool people at Airtime.