Picture this: a delicious, chocolatey brownie, topped with creamy chocolate mousse and whipped cream, garnished with chocolate chips...all in one bite. Drool. Now, imagine an OREO cookie crust topped with a dollop of OREO cheesecake, whipped cream, and more crumbs. You hungry yet?

Meet Francesca Cuneo, the 20 year old mastermind behind the adorable desserts-in-a-jar business, BITES by Francesca. Cuneo's mission is simple: make Miami sweeter one BITE at a time. And triumphantly, she is on her way there.

Paula Gutierrez

The Inspiration

These dessert-in-a-jar treats started as a hobby for Cuneo, who quickly grew a fan platform in Miami. Between college classes, a job, and paying off her first car, Peruvian-born Cuneo used baking as a form of therapy to deal with all of her stress. It was something she had enjoyed for years, and her passion translated into experimenting with her own recipes, ultimately creating multi-layered desserts that she would constantly share on Snapchat.

Cuneo had a multitude of Mason Jars at home, and she found that the clear glass jars would be a perfect medium to display  adorable treats. The aesthetically and palate pleasing desserts then grew popular among her friends and family. After hearing "I would buy this!" every time someone would try her desserts, she started selling to friends, who encouraged her to promote the drool-worthy creations on her social media. Soon, friends of friends were requesting to buy, and her business began thriving.

Paula Gutierrez

The Journey

Cuneo began trying every combination of flavors she could come up with in order to define her menu, and went through all of her jars until she decided on the perfect four ounce, eco-friendly jar that would fit the perfect amount of bite-sized desserts. However, as exciting as starting a business might sound, she says the experience has been very challenging, and recalls the most difficult part of the process being the paperwork and licensing involved. Just imagine keeping up with schoolwork and managing and promoting your brand. This girl truly is a trooper!

Paula Gutierrez

The Products

Cuneo's decadent menu currently includes Double Chocolate Chip, Key Lime Pie, Cookies and Cream, and Cookie Dough. I know, I'm salivating too! She plans on adding more flavors soon and including gluten free and vegan options to appeal to a larger audience. BITES now has a page where you can order online, including catering and delivery features. There's no excuse to avoid these cute desserts if you're in the Miami area!

Paula Gutierrez

The Experience

Recently, BITES participated in Dessert Wars Miami held at our very own Florida International University. At this annual festival, more than fifty vendors exhibit their delicious desserts and sweets, and give away hundreds of samples. Cuneo made more than 750 samples for the event, and although she was initially afraid she had too many, they ended up running out twenty minutes before the festival ended! Talk about total success. If this isn't proof that these bites are tasty, I don't know what is.

Cuneo's journey in creating a business from her passion is truly inspiring, and her advice for any student contemplating the idea of opening up a business is super important. She says that even if the thought of starting a business at a young age is daunting, "if you're passionate and believe in it, just go for it and give it your all." 

I told you, happiness comes in a jar.