Whether you label them as a fruit or a vegetable, you can’t deny that avocados are one of the best foods known to man. They’re extremely versatile and can be used in a number of baked goods and entrees. If you’ve done all you can with your avocados or are just looking to learn new tricks, this article is for you. Here are seven genius things to do with avocados that you’ve likely never tried before.

1. Slice It Right

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Scott Harrington

If you don’t trust your knife skills, use a wire baking rack to cube an avocado. It’ll take some extra finger strength if your avocado isn’t super ripe, but it’s worth the effort.

#SpoonTip: Rinse the baking rack immediately so the avocado doesn’t get stuck in its holes.

2. Make Sure It's Ripe

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Lily Lou

A simple trick to ensure your avocado is ripe is to remove the stem. If the stem is green, your avocado is ripe. If it’s brown, it’s too ripe. Luckily, you can still use an overripe avocado, but be sure and cut out the brown bits.

3. Remove the Pit With Ease

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Rachel Kupelian

Once you’ve sliced your avocado in half, use a sharp knife to remove the pit. If your avocado is ripe, the pit should come out easily without removing any of the flesh.

4. Use Avocado Instead of Butter

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Haley Abram

Avocado is a great replacement for butter in baking. Its healthy fats make any baked good more nutritious, and you can’t even tell avocado was used in place of butter. Avocado also tastes killer on toast, but I’d avoid using it on muffins and scones. Sometimes butter really is better.

5. Stop It From Browning

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Jessica Kelly

Grossed out by brown avocados? Store it in an air-tight container with half an onion to keep it from browning. It’s not clear why this storage method works, but the combination of the air-tight container and the sulfur released from the onion is thought to have something to do with it.

6. Make an Avocado Bowl

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Olivia Chadwick

To make an avocado bowl, simply scoop out some of the flesh from an avocado and stuff it with your choice of filling. Tuna salad is an option, or you could crack an egg inside and bake it until the yolk is just cooked.

7. Thicken a Smoothie

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Alyssa Cronin

When in doubt, toss some avocado into a smoothie. You can’t taste the avocado, but it adds a delightful creaminess to any smoothie. If you’re worried about the flavor, use strong tasting fruits like berries and bananas to cover any trace of avocado.

#SpoonTip: While you’re at it, toss in some kale or spinach to make your smoothie even healthier. You won’t be able to taste the greens, but your body will benefit from the extra nutrients.