Who run the world? Nasty women with a mean appetite for food and equal rights. A day that serves as the perfect excuse to pig out while feeling empowered has finally arrived: International Women’s Day. It's an annual celebration of social, political, and economic achievements of women on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017.

Use this International Women's Day as a way to show a woman appreciation by taking her out for a quick bite to eat. Finding low-maintenance places with high quality food like these locations right here in Berkeley is the trick to dining with another person.

1. Blue's Chocolates

sweet, candy, chocolate
Tiffany Tran

Studies have shown that magnesium can lessen period cramps. Chocolate is high in magnesium, so this International Women’s Day, switch things up by taking your gal pal to indulge in some freshly made chocolates.

My go-to chocolatier is Blue's Chocolate's in Downtown Berkeley. Customers are greeted by dozens of hand-painted chocolates and a friendly server offering a sample of the day’s featured flavor. Flavors are split into seasonal and regular flavors, and the most popular ones include Sage Honey, Passion Fruit Caramel, and Lover’s Cocktail. All of the chocolates are so unique in flavor that even the peanut butter and strawberry jam has a high-end taste far from the classic middle-school lunch, especially since their jam is homemade. The chocolates are a bit on the pricey side but is easily shareable for two people to take a bite.

2. Acme Bread Company

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Tiffany Tran

Bakeries are also one of the best resources for a simple craving cure and is worth visiting this International Women's Day. Located in Northwest Berkeley, Acme Bread Company has a homey feel with the smell of fresh bread permeating throughout the store and bakers rolling the dough in the visible kitchen in the back. My personal must try is the Cinnamon Currant Bread, a sweet and sticky loaf with a cinnamon roll feel but minus the messy icing. Bakeries are perfect to explore with a friend because it’s easy to get a variety of baked goods to divide amongst one another to compare and contrast the different flavors.

3. 85°C Bakery

pudding, yogurt, cappuccino, sweet, espresso, chocolate, cream, coffee, milk
Tiffany Tran

But what is one to do with both sweet and savory cravings? While Cal Spoon has covered 85°C Bakery for its baked goods, its popular sea salt drinks are often overlooked. This Asian bakery in Downtown Berkeley sells tea and coffee with cream and sprinkled sea salt on top that is meant to be mixed into the drink. The sweet drink and salty topping achieves an incredible combination of sweet and savory. It would be fun to get different types of drinks with your friend or friends to taste each other’s different drinks. 

International Women’s Day is a day worth observing, regardless of whether or not you’re a foodie who enjoys celebrating with food, from chocolatiers to bakeries. It’s significant because it gives people the opportunity to reflect on the successes of women and also set goals for the future of women. And while New Year’s resolutions are important, so is learning to spoil yourself in moderation.