There's nothing worse than confusion- be it a particular word , food or religion.You all have been at a position in life where you couldn't make out whether yogurt is curd or curd is yogurt or they are different. Or if cheesecake is just cake with cheese in it. Well, not anymore. read on to find the difference between these things.

                         YOGURT vs CURD

While yoghurt is fermented with the help of 'yoghurt cultures' industrially whereas curd can be curdled with edible acidic substance like lemon at home. Yoghurt is more acidic than curd . While curd is usually eaten without any additives, yoghurt comes with added artificial sweeteners and different flavours.

              FROZEN YOGURT vs ICE CREAM

Also known as Froyo, Frozen yoghurt as the name suggests is made up of yoghurt while ice cream is made primarily of milk or cream. Froyo has lower fat and calorie content than ice cream. Moreover, froyo can be consumed by lactose intolerant people, unlike ice cream. Whereas froyo is served with syrups, marshmallows, pieces; fruit pieces; ice cream is served usually as a scoop or with very little dressings.

                    TOFU vs PANEER

You all must have been passed on the information to avoid paneer while dieting and stick to tofu. Here's why. Tofu is made from curdling of soy milk while paneer is a product of curdled cow milk. And hence tofu contains plant based proteins making it low in fat and calorie content whilst Paneer is the source of animal based proteins and hence contains more fat and calories. Also, paneer can be made easily at home, unlike tofu.

                JUICE vs COLD PRESSED JUICE

Juices are for immediate consumption while cold pressed juices can be stored for a day or two. Both of them contain no preservatives in them. Juices are made by centrifugation and as the name suggests cold pressed juices are made by putting high pressure on the fruits in the absence of oxygen. Juices can be made faster and are cheaper while making of cold pressed juices take more time and are comparatively costlier. 

              CHEESECAKE vs CAKE

Cheesecake is made from cottage or cream cheese and is usually not baked but refrigerated without adding any raising agent whereas a cake is made from flour by baking and involves a raising agent so as to get the fluffiness. These differences between the two make it unique.

And now , thee can flaunt thy skills like a boss in front of others.