Trust me: I’m all about that single life. But Valentine’s Day seems to be that one day a year where all couples feel the need to throw their happiness into the faces of those lacking a significant other. But thank the relationship gods for giving us single folk an alternative to a partner. One that brings you food whenever you want and doesn’t complain. That’s right, I’m talking about Favor. The amazing app will deliver anything you could possibly need as a single on Valentine’s Day. And the best part is all of this can be delivered straight to the comfort of your own dorm. Favor understands that you don’t want to see that annoying couple cuddling a table over as you eat your way through the dessert menu…alone. So check out these 5 things you’ve gotta favor as a Dallas single on V Day (aka D Day). Enjoy.

1. Val’s Cheesecakes

Val’s Cheesecakes is a local treasure and is now Favorable. These cheesecakes, however, put a twist on the stereotypical cheesecake since they actually come in single serving jars (which makes them handy for a lonely single Valentine’s day. Along with your classic flavors, they also have original recipes named after roads in Dallas, my personal favorite being the Lovers Lane cheesecake. Although this flavor’s name ironically mocks your loneliness, the combination of espresso and red velvet in a jar is worth being single for.

2. Glazed Donut Works

Raspberry Cheesecake! Available tonight – open around 9pm!! #DonutLocal #DeepEllum #latenitedonuts

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This donut place is the best in town. They have changed the glazed pastry game with featured donuts such as Saigon Cinnamon Sugar donut and an awesome Red Velvet donut. The shop is open until 2 am so it’s perfect for a late night Valentine’s Day craving. And if you really need something to fill up your empty heart, I recommend the Donut Grilled Cheese (and yes, it tastes as heavenly as it sounds).

3. Kessler Cookie Company


Homemade, warm cookies delivered straight to your door: nuff said. You can order a Sweet Box, A Dozen Cookies, or even Texas Sized Cookies from this fab local bakery. Let’s be honest though, we both know what you’re ordering on the 14th. Texas Sized Cookies for that Texas Sized Pit of Despair you’ll be falling into. 

4. Dude, Sweet Chocolate


It’s the Valentine’s Day staple but this gourmet chocolate shop takes the generic heart shaped box of chocolate to the next level. You can get anything from fudge to homemade marshmallows. But keep in mind their “Break-Up Potion”, a chocolate syrup mix with an ungodly amount of bourbon, just in case you don’t have enough wine for your night in on V Day.

5. Joy Macarons

LOVE & JOY Last day to pre-order for your Valentine is Wednesday 2/10. or 214-434-1922

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Since you’re probably not French kissing anyone on this day, maybe try snacking on something French instead. On your Valentine’s Day girls’ night in order a box of authentic French macaroons from Joy Macaroons. They have any traditional flavor plus a flavor of the month if you’re feeling adventurous. Guaranteed to make you feel classier with your Netflix, bottle(s) of Barefoot Moscato, and that tissue box glued to your hand. 

Have a great Valentine’s Day fellow singles!

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