As a former employee in the restaurant industry, I have (unfathomable) experience dealing with picky, rude customers and working alongside snobby coworkers. In my unfortunate encounter with said snobs, I have come up with a short list of situations you may find yourself in and how to deal with them. (By them, I mean the group of drunk, old creeps you probably got stuck with at that high top table, or the greedy coworker who keeps stealing the rest of the tables in your section.) Let's talk about what every restaurant employee can relate to. 

The Crappy Customer

Have you ever had to deal with that one table that—no matter what—is not satisfied with their food? The fries are crispy, but not crispy enough. The water is cold, but they want one more ice cube. These people may have never worked in the restaurant biz in their life, which doesn't let them realize how annoying and rude they are being. 

Stay calm and collected, you are not the only one who has had to deal with this customer, and you will definitely not be the last.

Although the rude customers may not tip as well as they should, they will be out of your hair soon. In the future, restaurants may be charging a mandatory service charge so you won't have to worry about the cheap customers stiffing you because they might be required to pay an extra 20% of their bill. This will ensure that you are well compensated for enduring their unnecessary complaints. Thank the heavens!

The Stingy Customer

Yes, I am so very sorry that we are going to have to charge you extra for the ranch. I have no control over this concept and if it were up to me, there wouldn't be an extra charge. Sure, you can speak to the manager, but they're going to tell you the same thing. The menu clearly states that there is indeed an upcharge for certain condiments—including ranch and bleu cheese.

If you can't afford to pay extra for it, don't order it. Servers deal with this every stinkin' day. Save us our breath of having to point it out, and read the menu.

The Creepy Customer

Yeah, I caught you staring at my behind as I turned back to your table to ask if there was anything else I could get you. Please know that I would rather wear a giant potato sack covering my entire body, than to experience a creepy customer looking at my buns one more time.

As a server, I am not here to strut around in hopes of catching the glimpse of an eye of an old dude who can't get a date. Especially dudes who camp out at restaurants for hours trying to grab servers' attention who are paid to be nice and entertain conversations with you about your love for Nascar...and your grandchildren. Unless you're my grandpa, I probably won't care about your life story. Please, don't make me give my table away because you don't know how to shut your trap and eat your food

The Manager Who Refuses to Cut You (Even When You Have Nobody in your Section)

Your manager probably needs you to stay in the rare occurrence that there is a rush (though there probably won't be one at 10:27 pm). But just in case, they're going to make you do all of the extra work that they can come up with, until they are sure there won't be another soul walking through that door.

A common part of the restaurant industry is being bored when you're not busy. If you aren't happy with the server life, consider these alternative jobs in the industry. They may just be what you're looking for if you want to make a career out of your passion for food.

The Greedy Coworker

That other server who just stole the table right from your section...yeah, they probably needed it more than you. We're all desperate out here trying to make every cent we can. Be the bigger person and don't throw a fit. Just let them know you noticed and take one of their tables in exchange. Fair is fair, and I'm taking the table. Watch me.

It takes a special type of person to deal with picky customers and snobby coworkers. For those of you who have first hand experience in the situations above, I salute you. If you can't handle the food service industry and are sick of getting paid less than minimum wage, check out the 10 best paying jobs in America.