In a time where most of our meals are on-the-go, we rely on our food service workers now more than ever. According to a census done in 2016 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5,122,600 people are employed in the food service industry and their median pay is $9.81 (that's below living wage, might I add).

Not only do these people not make enough to live off of, but they also don't make enough money to deal with the putrid attitudes of some costumers. Unfortunately, most places don't have a "right to refuse to service," which means waiters, waitresses, and baristas alike have to take every insult and unsatisfied costumer with a smile. 

We all have to check ourselves sometimes, so if you're worried that you might be one of many inconsiderate consumers, compare yourself against these 10 things that secretly piss of food service workers. 

1. Backseat Barista

"More soy! Less ice! Is that sweetened?"

Being a barista myself, I can 100% concur that this happens every single day, making it no less aggravating. Leaning over our bar area, and micro managing our every move makes us want to hand over our apron and tell you to clock in yourself.

What's even worse is that 95% of the time, the drink you're trying to tell us how to make, isn't even yours. So sit back and remember that your baristas are well trained. Also we have hundreds of recipes in our head at any given point, so mistakes are bound to happen.  

2. Hitting on Your Bartenders

Trust me, hitting on your bartender is not going to get you a discount or a free drink. Actually, hitting on anyone in their place of work where they're paid to be nice to you is just sleazy and ill-mannered.

3. Making a Ton of Substitutions to a Meal/Drink

We get it, everyone has some sort of dietary restriction or personal preference. However, if plan on changing a meal or drink until its an entirely new menu item, expect that it will take the cooks/baristas longer to meet your modifications. So be patient and courteous when asking for special requests, because rushing only makes you part of the problem. 

4. Separate Checks for a Large Group

This happens most often with club outings, business meetings, or around graduation, but nothing makes it less frustrating than when 25 people want a separate check for their meal. If you're gonna be a big group at least let the wait staff know ahead of time, that you'll be needing separate bills. 

5. Snap at Your Waiter/Waitress to Get Their Attention

If you have ever done this or currently do this, please drive to every establishment you've ever dined at, and personally apologize to their staff. This is extremely insulting to do to any human being let alone the people serving you. Even if you've been waiting a while to get service or something you need, a simple "excuse me," will suffice. 

6. Blame the Workers for the Prices

Can I just make it abundantly clear that the employees, have NOTHING to do with the price of the product they sell. Majority of the time, whatever the register says is the correct and final price. Also, companies don't always make it explicitly clear to consumers or employees that prices have changed, leaving you and them equally confused. 

7. You're Already Late for Work and You Stop for Coffee

You being late for work because you decided to binge watch The Wire until 3am, is not anyone else's problem but your own. So don't order your 6 shot latte and expect it to magically be done as the words fall out of your mouth. You and everyone else that ordered coffee at 7:30 are going to have to wait patiently. 

8. You're on the Phone While Ordering

"I can help the next guest!"

*Talking on the phone* 

"Hi, I can help you if you're ready?"

*Still talking on the phone*


"Oh sorry didn't hear you." 

"What can I get-" 

"Hold on Karen I'm at a coffee shop, A COFFEE SHOP, what? I'm sorry the connection is bad- Let me get a triple soy wet cappuccino, 2 raw sugars, extra hot."

"What size?"


Seriously people, just put the phone down for two seconds, because there is nothing worse than getting interrupted with "What?" every three seconds because you're too busy talking crap about Robin's new boob job. 

9. Ask to Break/Get Change for $100

There isn't much to say about this except, its a coffee shop, not Best Buy. You've only purchased a $2 dark roast, so no, we cannot break your $100 bill at 6am.

Most small eateries only keep a max of $200 in the drawer for safety reasons, so take your large transactions to the bank please. 

10. You Order 12+ Drinks and DON'T TIP

Let me be a little more clear about this one. If you are sent by your friends/coworkers to pick up 16 handcrafted beverages in one order at 7 am, please relay to them that tip should be included. You wouldn't go to a restaurant and order 16 separate meals without leaving a tip for your waitress would you? (Actually, you probably might since you're reading this article).

Your baristas deserve a little respect for making your large and extremely complicated order, and even helping you carry it to your car. We try our best not to get so upset at you, because you're just the messenger, but just tell your friends to factor in tip, capische?