While scrolling through Facebook and dreaming about food one day, I came upon a recipe video for tiny doughnuts from Tastemade, which shattered life as I knew it. I couldn't believe that I was actually watching someone frost a doughnut the size of a ring, after baking it and frying it in a pan the size of a quarter!

After discovering Tastemade’s Tiny Kitchen videos and watching dozens of them, they sidetracked me from being productive whatsoever. I can't tell you how many minutes I've wasted by watching the scrupulous details of every video. If you want a way to destress (I can't tell you how oddly satisfying these videos are), take a peek below. 

Tastemade's Tiny Kitchen has such a huge selection of recipes to choose from, including literal seasons of videos; and they even include the recipes in case you want to try them yourself. From classics like Macaroni & Cheese to the most detailed and fancy of recipes like Sage & Butter Gnocchi, each and every one of these videos is worth your time and your ogling. 


To start, the makers of the Tiny Kitchen modeled this kitchen exactly after their life size kitchen. Feel free to scrutinize the details to compare the two! Here's the life size kitchen:

tea, beer, coffee
Photo courtesy of Tastemade

And here's the model kitchen: 

espresso, tea, coffee
Photo courtesy of Tastemade

With the exception of a few scale discrepancies (to be expected), it is unbelievably similar–down to the same decor on the shelves, the same pattern on the walls, and the same pillows. Imagine how tedious of a job it would be to make the model, especially when this tiny kitchen will only be used to make tiny versions of your favorite foods. The effort was very much appreciated here. 

In addition, by watching many of these videos you start to realize that they have every utensil you could possibly imagine. From a mini cheese grater, to mini knives, and a tiny spatula, they definitely aren't skimping on anything here. 

Photo courtesy of Tastemade

After setting up this perfect model kitchen, Tastemade created literal seasons of videos for people to indulge in. In each article, they include actual recipes in case you want to attempt making tiny foods yourself (talk about extreme dieting). Just gather a few teaspoons of this, and a few teaspoons of that, and you're all set to go. Here's where you can see some tiny classic dishes: 

1. Spaghetti & Meatballs

Photo courtesy of Tastemade

Here's how Tastemade makes one of your favorite classics into just one bite: 

To preheat the oven, Tastemade turns on the stove by putting a single tealight in the oven first. A tealight! Surprisingly, it gets the few drops of water actually boiling, in order to make the sliced up noodles al dente–that is, after slicing up noodles into a quarter of the width, and then making them infinitely smaller in length as well.

After using a tweezers to get the noodles out of the boiling water, they even make meatballs by hand with garlic powder, panko breadcrumbs, and grating parmesan cheese on a tiny grater, and mixing it all together to make meatballs about the size of half of the tip of your finger. Imagine the tedious work that goes into making them tiny, like this:

dairy product, vegetable
Photo courtesy of Tastemade

The whole video is mesmerizing, and will get your mouth watering while also blowing your mind. 

2. S'mores

cookie, ice, cream, ice cream, chocolate
Photo courtesy of Tastemade

Next time you're craving s'mores, you won't have to wait for bonfire season–just light a candle and find a toothpick and you're all set to go! 

In place of graham crackers, Tastemade gathers 6 Golden Grahams as a tiny substitute; along with a tiny mason jar full of mini chocolate chips, and of course just 3 mini marshmallows. Can someone find me a tiny mason jar like that? 

cake, chocolate
Photo courtesy of Tastemade

Next, Tastemade toasts a single mini marshmallow over a tealight, using a toothpick as a skewer. Once the marshmallow is slightly golden, they sandwich it between two Golden Grahams, with 4 mini chocolate chips, and voila! Tiny s'mores. 

These adorable and intricate videos will capture your heart, and you'll catch yourself watching video after video. If s'mores and spaghetti aren't enough for you, check out Tastemade's recipe videos on how to make tiny tacos, tiny pizza, tiny doughnuts, tiny grilled cheese and tomato soup, and for dessert, a tiny ice cream sundae